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Simple tcp proxy for Docker Hot deploy
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motarei - Simple tcp proxy for Docker Hot deploy

Motarei tracks container's public port and proxy to there.

client ==>  Motarei ===================> container [new]
               |                     `=> container [old]
               | find container with label
               | and its private port
           docker api

Motarei always proxy to a newer container.

How to use

run docker container with label using server-starter.

$ KILL_OLD_DELAY=5 start_server -- docker run -P -l app=nginx nginx

nginx container's private port is 80.

run Motarei.

$ sudo motarei --label app=nginx

Now you can acess to nginx via port 80.

Restart container

$ docker pull...
$ kill -HUP [start_server's pid]

Container's public port will change. Motarei will do proxy to newer public port.

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