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Sample Ext JS application connecting to a SOAP endpoint using ColdFusion
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This is a sample application that shows how to communicate to SOAP web services from Ext JS.

The example uses ColdFusion 10 as the backend server.  You can download a free trial from  Once installed you can place this folder on the server within the ColdFusion context.

The code also assumes that Ext JS is installed in the webroot as /extjs.

The default endpoint in the SOAP store is to use /cfusion/samples/People.cfc, you can modify this to wherever you get the folder installed.

When running the app, it will read data into a grid, and you can either add new records with the plus button in the top right or double click a row to bring up an edit and delete window.  The data is only persisted for the immediate session and reset on the next page load.

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