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An attempt to fabricate a webkit exploit for PS4 version 4.00 to 4.05
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An attempt to fabricate a webkit exploit for PS4 version 4.00 to 4.05, later ports to 3.xx may be possible.

So what is this "project" all about?

The plan is to develop a webkit/userland exploit with the help of the whole community, it pretty unlikely to succeed but hey! we can always try.​

But how can I contribute?

Simple, if you have any research, write-ups, CVE's, code or anything that could be useful to other contributors, commit it on the github or paste it into the comments on the PSXHAX thread. Fork the github, make your changes and then do a pull request to merge.

**Are there any rules you need to follow?**

Just to keep all code clean and as stable as possible there are some thing's you must not do to the code: Add credit's to your code (Full ASCII banners are not allowed, but a single line comment mentioning you is allowed if you have written a big piece of code) Don't commit code if you don't know what it does, seriously, leave it to the real devs (if any will ever join :p) Post research and code in their respective branch.

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