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Mew 6.5rc2 (2012/04/05)
* Checking libwrap for stunnel.
* Supporting stunnel 4.53.
TAKANO Yuji <takachan>
* Disabling libwrap.
ARAI Shun-ichi <hermes>
Mew 6.5rc1 (2012/03/28)
* Workaround of cmew for Ruby 1.9.
Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats>
* mew-make-temp-name allows non-ASCII characters
Yoshinari Nomura <nom>
Mew 6.4.50 (2012/03/07)
* Supporting stunnel 4.51.
Seiji Ariga <ariga>
* Hilighting HTML produced by w3m.
* Fixing regex of mew-regex-ignore-scan-body-list.
Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats>
* Fixing cmew bugs.
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