`cab outdated` confusing for multiple installed versions #1

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hvr commented Aug 2, 2011

If I have multiple versions of a package installed, I can't see from cab outdateds output for which I haven't got the latest version installed. E.g.:

$ cab outdated
aeson <

$ cabal info aeson
* aeson            (library)
    Synopsis:      Fast JSON parsing and encoding
    Versions available:,,,,,,
              ,, (and 6 others)
    Versions installed:,

So, aeson isn't really outdated, I just happen to have an old version lying around as well


'outdated' means that a newer version is regeistered in HackageDB. So, the purpose of 'cab outdated' is tell you that a newer version is available. To see if the package is really not necessary, please use 'cab revdeps'.

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