Left-leaning red-black trees
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This is a purely functional left-leaning red-black tree.

Data.RBTree    --- Okasaki's red-black trees
Data.RBTree.LL --- Left-leaning red-black trees

* Histroy of imperative red-black trees

- Red-black trees (Guibas-Sedgewick, 1978)

	Leo J. Guibas and Robert Sedgewik.
	A dichromatic framework for balanced trees.
	In Proceedings of the 19th Annual Symposium on Computer Science
	IEEE Computer Society

- Right-leaning

	Arne Andersson
	Balanced search trees made simple
	In Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures

	R. Sedgewick
	Algorithms in Java
	Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, and Searching

- Left-leaning Red-Black Trees

	Data structures seminar at Dagstuhl (Feb 2008)

	Analysis of Algorithms meeting at Maresias (Apr 2008)


* Lines of imperative code:

- Introduction to Algorithms   (original)       150   1972 (?)
- Algorithms in Java           (tricky variant)  46   1978 (?)
-                              (left-leaning)    33   2008

* Histroy of purefly functional red-black trees

- Original

	Red-Black Trees in a Functional Setting 
	Chris Okasaki
	Journal of Functional Programming, 9(4)
	July 1999


- Dividing balance to balanceL and balanceR

	Chris Okasaki
	Purely Functional Data Structures
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- First deletion

	Kahrs, Stefan. (2001)
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- Proof in Coq

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	Functors for Proofs and Programs
	In Proceedings of The European Symposium on Programming
	volume 2986 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science
	pages 370-384, April 2004.


	Formalization of a finite sets library in Coq


- Efficient Verified Red-Black Trees

	Andrew W. Appel
	Efficient Verified Red-Black Trees
	September 2011


	My student Max Rosmarin (Rosmarin, 2011) studied the question
	of whether using the left-leaning invariant would mix well
	with the Okasaki-style functional program, so as to factor the
	implementations and proofs. Rosmarin demonstrated that Okasaki's
	balance function can be factored into Sedgewick's three
	operations. Although it is not conceptually more complex, the
	factored function has more lines of code. Recall that Okasaki's
	function, as I presented it here, has only 10 lines, which
	is hard to improve on.

- Rosmarin, Max. 2011 (Aug.). Red-black trees in a functional context:
  Left-leaning and otherwise.

	Princeton University Department of Computer Science.

- The missing method: Deleting from Okasaki's red-black trees