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;;; mew-absfilter.el --- spam filter with bsfilter for Mew
;; Author: SAITO Takuya <>
;; $Id$
;; You can use, copy, distribute, and/or modify this file for any purpose.
;; There is NO WARRANTY.
;;; Commentary:
;; You can find bsfilter at
;; To enable spam check after retrieve, put below into your ~/.emacs:
;; (mew-absfilter-mode 1)
;; If you want to do spam checking after shimbun retrieve,
;; do not use `mew-shimbun-retrieve-all' because it kills the shimbun buffer.
;; When you find bsfilter marks the clean message as spam,
;; use "bc" (mew-absfilter-learn-clean) instead of "u" (mew-summary-undo)
;; With "bx" (mew-absfilter-summary-exec-spam), you can process spam mark
;; even in nntp.
;;; History:
;; v1.38, 2006-06-11
;; Masayuki Ataka <> Support Mew 5
;; v1.39, 2007-01-17
;; Masayuki Ataka <> Support non-nil mew-use-suffix
;; v1.40, 2007-01-28
;; SAITO Takuya <> tiny fix
;;; Code:
(require 'mew)
;;; spam mark
(defvar mew-absfilter-mark-spam ?\;)
(defvar mew-absfilter-spam-folder "+spam"
"*Spam folder. Must be a local folder.")
(defface mew-absfilter-face-mark-spam
'((((class color) (type tty)) (:foreground "green"))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "DimGray"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "gray"))
(t nil))
"*Face to highlight the spam mark"
:group 'mew-highlight)
(defun mew-absfilter-mark-kill-spam (src msg)
"Return t if kill summary line."
(not (string= src mew-absfilter-spam-folder)))
(defun mew-absfilter-mark-exec-spam (src msgs)
"Refile MSGs from the SRC folder to `mew-absfilter-spam-folder'."
(unless (string= src mew-absfilter-spam-folder)
(let ((mew-trash-folder mew-absfilter-spam-folder)
(mew-trash-folder-list nil))
(mew-mark-exec-delete src msgs))))
(defun mew-absfilter-summary-spam-one (&optional no-msg)
"Put the spam mark(default is ';') on this message."
(mew-mark-put-mark mew-absfilter-mark-spam no-msg 'valid-only))
;; register spam mark
(add-to-list 'mew-mark-afterstep-spec
(list mew-absfilter-mark-spam 2 2 2 2 0 2 0))
(add-to-list 'mew-mark-spec
(list mew-absfilter-mark-spam "spam" 2 nil
'mew-absfilter-mark-kill-spam nil
'mew-absfilter-mark-exec-spam nil))
(add-to-list 'mew-highlight-mark-keywords
(cons mew-absfilter-mark-spam 'mew-absfilter-face-mark-spam))
(defvar mew-absfilter-program "bsfilter")
(defvar mew-absfilter-arg-check '("--quiet" "--list-spam"))
(defvar mew-absfilter-arg-clean '("--sub-spam" "--add-clean" "--update"))
(defvar mew-absfilter-arg-spam '("--sub-clean" "--add-spam" "--update"))
(defvar mew-absfilter-spam-folder-max-msgs 3000)
;; like mew-prog-grep-max-msgs
(defvar mew-absfilter-max-msgs 10000)
(defvar mew-absfilter-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map "c" 'mew-absfilter-learn-clean)
(define-key map "s" 'mew-absfilter-learn-spam)
(define-key map "C" 'mew-absfilter-mark-learn-clean)
(define-key map "S" 'mew-absfilter-mark-learn-spam)
(define-key map "b" 'mew-absfilter-check-spam)
(define-key map "x" 'mew-absfilter-summary-exec-spam)
(define-key map "D" 'mew-absfilter-clean-spam-folder)
(define-key mew-summary-mode-map "b" mew-absfilter-map)
;; (define-key mew-summary-mode-map
;; [remap mew-summary-learn-spam] 'mew-absfilter-learn-spam)
;; (define-key mew-summary-mode-map
;; [remap mew-summary-learn-ham] 'mew-absfilter-learn-clean)
(defvar mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process)
;; Use buffer-local-variable in process-buffer.
;; process-{put,get} is avairable only in Emacs-21.4 or above.
(defvar mew-absfilter-process-folder nil)
(defun mew-absfilter-add-clean (files)
(apply 'call-process
mew-absfilter-program nil 0 nil
(append mew-absfilter-arg-clean files)))
(defun mew-absfilter-add-spam (files)
(apply 'call-process
mew-absfilter-program nil 0 nil
(append mew-absfilter-arg-spam files)))
(defmacro mew-absfilter-expand-msg (folder msg)
"Expand message MSG in FOLDER.
Function `mew-expand-msg' is defined after Mew 4.2.53.
Use `mew-expand-folder' iff `mew-expand-msg' is not available."
(if (fboundp 'mew-expand-msg)
`(mew-expand-msg ,folder ,msg)
`(mew-expand-folder ,folder ,msg)))
(defmacro mew-absfilter-sumsyn-filename ()
"Get filename"
(if (fboundp 'mew-msg-get-filename)
`(mew-msg-get-filename (mew-sumsyn-message-number))
(defun mew-absfilter-match-string-message-number ()
(if (and (boundp 'mew-use-suffix)
(boundp 'mew-suffix))
(mew-match-string 1)
(mew-match-string 0)))
;; spam check
(defun mew-absfilter-collect-message-region (begin end)
"Returns a list of message file name in region."
(when (> end begin)
(let (msgs)
(narrow-to-region begin end)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(when (and (mew-summary-markable)
(mew-sumsyn-match mew-regex-sumsyn-short))
(push (mew-absfilter-sumsyn-filename) msgs))
(nreverse msgs))))
(defun mew-absfilter-collect-spam-message ()
(let (spam)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(when (looking-at mew-regex-message-files2)
(push (mew-absfilter-match-string-message-number) spam))
(nreverse spam)))
(defun mew-absfilter-check-spam-region (case:folder begin end)
(with-current-buffer case:folder
(let ((msgs (mew-absfilter-collect-message-region begin end))
(when msgs
(message "Spam checking %s..." case:folder))
(while msgs
(let ((buf (get-buffer-create
(generate-new-buffer-name " *mew bsfilter*")))
(with-current-buffer buf
(cd (mew-expand-folder case:folder))
(set (make-local-variable 'mew-absfilter-process-folder)
(setq nxt (nthcdr mew-absfilter-max-msgs msgs))
(when nxt
(setcdr (nthcdr (1- mew-absfilter-max-msgs) msgs) nil))
(setq process (apply 'start-process "mew-absfilter" buf
(append mew-absfilter-arg-check msgs)))
(set-process-sentinel process 'mew-absfilter-sentinel)
(add-to-list 'mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process process))
(setq msgs nxt)))))
(when mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process
(defun mew-absfilter-apply-spam-action (case:folder spam)
(when (and spam
(get-buffer case:folder))
(let ((vfolder (mew-folder-to-thread case:folder)))
;; mark in thread if exists
(when (and (get-buffer vfolder)
(mew-virtual-thread-p vfolder)
(with-current-buffer case:folder
(mew-thread-cache-valid-p vfolder)))
(let ((msgs spam))
(setq spam nil)
(set-buffer vfolder)
(dolist (msg msgs)
(if (or (re-search-forward (mew-regex-sumsyn-msg msg) nil t)
(re-search-backward (mew-regex-sumsyn-msg msg) nil t))
(mew-absfilter-summary-spam-one 'no-msg)
;; if msg is not found, try to mark in physical folder
(push msg spam)))))))
(when spam
(set-buffer case:folder)
(dolist (msg spam)
(when (or (re-search-forward (mew-regex-sumsyn-msg msg) nil t)
(re-search-backward (mew-regex-sumsyn-msg msg) nil t))
(mew-absfilter-summary-spam-one 'no-msg))))))))
(defun mew-absfilter-sentinel (process event)
;; exit status of "bsfilter --list-spam"
;; 0: some spams are found
;; 1: spam not found
(let ((status (process-exit-status process))
(case:folder mew-absfilter-process-folder)
(spam (mew-absfilter-collect-spam-message)))
(when (zerop status)
(mew-absfilter-apply-spam-action case:folder spam))
(with-current-buffer case:folder
(setq mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process
(delq process mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process)))
(message "Spam checking %s...%s"
((= status 0)
(format "done (%d spam)" (length spam)))
((= status 1)
(concat "done (spam not found)"))
(concat "failed. " event))))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))))
;; commands
(defun mew-absfilter-learn-clean (&optional mark-only)
"Learn this message as clean (not spam)."
(interactive "P")
(when (mew-sumsyn-match mew-regex-sumsyn-short)
(let* ((msg (mew-sumsyn-message-number))
(case:folder (mew-sumsyn-folder-name))
(file (mew-absfilter-expand-msg case:folder msg)))
(when (eq (mew-summary-get-mark) mew-absfilter-mark-spam)
(unless mark-only
(mew-absfilter-add-clean (list file))
(message "Learned as clean"))))))
(defun mew-absfilter-learn-spam (&optional mark-only)
"Learn this message as spam."
(interactive "P")
(when (mew-sumsyn-match mew-regex-sumsyn-short)
(let* ((msg (mew-sumsyn-message-number))
(case:folder (mew-sumsyn-folder-name))
(file (mew-absfilter-expand-msg case:folder msg)))
(unless mark-only
(mew-absfilter-add-spam (list file))
(message "Learned as spam"))))))
(defun mew-absfilter-mark-learn-clean (&optional mark-only)
"Learn all messages marked with '*' as clean (not spam)."
(interactive "P")
(mew-mark-undo-mark mew-mark-review)
(unless mark-only
(message "Learning as clean...")
(mew-absfilter-add-clean FILES)
(message "Learning as clean...done"))))
(defun mew-absfilter-mark-learn-spam (&optional mark-only)
"Learn all messages marked with '*' as spam."
(interactive "P")
(mew-mark-undo-mark mew-mark-review)
(unless mark-only
(message "Learning as spam...")
(mew-absfilter-add-spam FILES)
(message "Learning as spam...done"))))
;; (defun mew-absfilter-thread-mark-learn-spam ()
;; "Put the ';' mark on all messages of the current sub-thread."
;; (interactive)
;; (mew-thread-mark mew-absfilter-mark-spam 'valid-only))
(defun mew-absfilter-summary-exec-spam ()
"Process messages marked with ';'."
(let* ((ent (assoc mew-absfilter-mark-spam mew-mark-spec))
(mew-mark-spec (list ent)))
;; call `mew-summary-exec-local' even for imap or nntp
(mew-substitute-for-summary "\\[mew-summary-exec]")))
;; This message can not be changed because
;; (message "Refiling and deleting...done") is called in
;; `mew-summary-exec-local'.
(message "Refiling and deleting...")
(mew-summary-exec-local (point-min) (point-max))))))
(defun mew-absfilter-check-spam (&optional arg)
"Check spam messages with bsfilter."
(interactive "P")
(let ((region (if (or arg (mew-mark-active-p))
(cons (point-min) (point-max)))))
(mew-absfilter-check-spam-region (mew-summary-folder-name 'ext)
(car region) (cdr region))))
(defun mew-absfilter-clean-spam-folder (&optional unlink)
"Remove old spam.
Save `mew-absfilter-spam-folder-max-msgs' messages."
(interactive "P")
(mew-summary-visit-folder mew-absfilter-spam-folder)
(mew-rendezvous mew-summary-buffer-process)
(goto-char (point-max))
(forward-line (- mew-absfilter-spam-folder-max-msgs))
(let ((pos (point)))
(while (zerop (forward-line -1))
(mew-summary-mark-as (if unlink mew-mark-unlink mew-mark-delete)))
(mew-summary-exec-region (point) pos))))
;;; Check after retrieve
(defvar mew-absfilter-check t
"When to check with bsfilter.
If t, do full check. Otherwise, the value should be a list whose element
is one of `local', `pop', `imap', `nntp', or `shimbun'.")
;; biff scan inc sync exec get list jobs
(defvar mew-absfilter-check-directive-list '(("+" inc)
("$" . nil)
("%" inc scan)
("-" scan)))
;; Suppress byte-compiler warning.
;; bnm and directive is local variable which can be used in
;; mew-{local,pop,imap,nntp}-sentinel.
(defvar bnm)
(defvar directive)
(defun mew-absfilter-check-spam-after-retrieve ()
"Check spam messages with bsfilter after retrieve."
(when (stringp bnm)
(let* ((proto (mew-folder-prefix (mew-case:folder-folder bnm)))
(check (cdr (assoc proto mew-absfilter-check-directive-list))))
(when (memq directive check)
(with-current-buffer bnm
(mew-absfilter-check-spam-region bnm
;; mew-local-sentinel does not let-bind `directive'
;; and that information is lost by (mew-info-clean-up pnm)
;; when mew-scan-sentinel-hook is called.
(defadvice mew-local-sentinel (around absfilter-check disable)
"Bind `directive' for spam checking.
Advised in mew-absfilter.el"
(let ((directive (mew-local-get-directive (process-name process))))
;; Check after `mew-shimbun-retrieve'
(defun mew-absfilter-shimbun-retrieve-set-start-point ()
"Set retrieve start point."
(mew-sinfo-set-start-point (point-max)))
(defun mew-absfilter-check-spam-after-shimbun-retrieve ()
"Check spam messages with absfilter after shimbun-retrieve."
(mew-absfilter-check-spam-region (mew-summary-folder-name 'ext)
(mew-sinfo-get-start-point) (point-max)))
;; modeline
(defadvice mew-summary-setup-mode-line (after absfilter-process disable)
"Display \"bsfilter\" in mode line.
Advised in mew-absfilter.el"
(add-to-list 'mode-line-process
(list 'mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process " bsfilter")))
;; inhibit pack, exec
(defadvice mew-summary-exclusive-p (after absfilter-process disable)
"Return nil when operation may break marking spam.
`mew-absfilter-apply-spam-action' may put spam mark on the wrong message
if message number is changed during bsfilter is running.
The example of such operations are:
- \"O\" (mew-summary-pack)
- 'Refile' + \"i\" (mew-summary-retrieve)
Advised in mew-absfilter.el"
(when (and mew-absfilter-summary-buffer-process
(memq this-command '(mew-summary-exec mew-summary-pack)))
(unless no-msg
(message "bsfilter is running. Try again later"))
(setq ad-return-value nil)))
(defun mew-absfilter-mode-activate (initialize)
(let ((all '(local pop imap nntp shimbun))
ad-func hook-func)
(when (eq initialize t)
(setq initialize all))
(if initialize
(setq ad-func 'ad-enable-advice
hook-func 'add-hook)
(setq initialize all
ad-func 'ad-disable-advice
hook-func 'remove-hook))
(when (memq 'local initialize)
(funcall ad-func 'mew-local-sentinel 'around 'absfilter-check)
(ad-activate 'mew-local-sentinel)
(funcall hook-func
(when (memq 'pop initialize)
(funcall hook-func
(when (memq 'imap initialize)
(funcall hook-func
(when (memq 'nntp initialize)
(funcall hook-func
(when (memq 'shimbun initialize)
(funcall hook-func
(funcall hook-func
(funcall ad-func 'mew-summary-setup-mode-line 'after 'absfilter-process)
(funcall ad-func 'mew-summary-exclusive-p 'after 'absfilter-process)
(ad-activate 'mew-summary-setup-mode-line)
(ad-activate 'mew-summary-exclusive-p)))
(defvar mew-absfilter-mode nil)
(defun mew-absfilter-mode (&optional arg)
"Enable or disable bsfilter checking.
See `mew-absfilter-check' when bsfilter is run."
(interactive "P")
(let ((mode (if arg
(> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)
(not mew-absfilter-mode))))
(when (and mode
(not (mew-which-exec mew-absfilter-program)))
(error "`%s' not found" mew-absfilter-program))
(setq mew-absfilter-mode mode)
(mew-absfilter-mode-activate (if mode mew-absfilter-check))
(when (interactive-p)
(message "bsfilter checking is %s" (if mode "enabled" "disabled")))))
(provide 'mew-absfilter)
;;; mew-absfilter.el ends here