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Commits on Feb 19, 2010
  1. * More secure programming style.

    * Adding GnuPG string-to-key.
    * Adding a missing key flag.
  2. * Catching up to 2440bis-10/11.

            - 'u' for Literal Data
            - embedded signature
            - Primary Key Binding Signature
    * Bug fix for plain_Secret_Key().
    * Fixing Symmetrically_Encrypted_Data_Packet() and Secret_Key_Packet()
      especially for IDEA.
  3. * parse_subpacket() are split into parse_signature_subpacket() and

      parse_userattr_subpacket(). A bug of length calculation is fixed.
    * The critical bit of the signature subpackets are supported.
            Peter Palfrader <peter>
  4. * Removing compiler warnings.

    * Using getopt().
    * Supporting RISC OS.
            Stefan Bellon <sbellon>
    * Correct casting for Bzip2.
            Stefan Bellon <sbellon>
    * Prepared os/riscos/{config.h,Makefile} since "sh" does not exist on
      RISC OS.
            Stefan Bellon <sbellon>
  5. * Supporting MacOS X.

            "Stefan H. Holek" <stefan>
    * Catching up to 2440bis-07.
            "Stefan H. Holek" <stefan>
    * A bug fix of old_Public_Key_Packet.
            Shigeru NAKAMURA <s-nakamu>
  6. * Defining the SHA-1 hash for Secret Key Packet.

    * Defining the -a and -g option.
    * Catching up to 2440bis-05.
    * Implementing User_Attribute_Packet.
    * Implementing features and revocation_target.
    * Removing macros to avoid side-effects.
    * Most modifications above come from:
            "Stefan H. Holek" <stefan>
  7. Key ID hack.

            Jason Harris <jharris>
  8. * Old man style for pgpdump.1.

    * The symmetric encryption algorism is displayed more user-friendly.
  9. Portability hack.

            Stefan Bellon <sbellon>
  10. * Fixing IV length.

            Stefan H. Holek <stefan>
    * Skipping the tail of armor.
            Stefan H. Holek <stefan>
  11. * New scheme to handle partial bodies.

    * Sophisticated buffering mechanism. No temporary files are created.
    * Creating pgpdump.1.
    Stefan H. Holek <stefan> kindly contributes the followings:
    * Fixed keyserver preferences (can be >1 octet)
    * Changed display of time fields to include timezone information
    * Added -u flag to display time fields in UTC instead of the local
      timezone (PGP time fields == seconds since 00:00:00, January 1,
      1970, UTC)
    * Fixed key and signature expiration time calculations
      (expiration time == seconds since creation time)
    * Added capability to read from stdin when no file is specifed on the
    * Implemented missing subpackets
            - revocation_key
            - reason_for_revocation
            - key_flags
            - signer_user_id (not tested)
            - notation_data (not tested)
  12. * Adding the "-p" option.

    * Adding some tags and algorithms.
    * A serious bug fix of Public_Key_Packet(). "len" was wrong.
    * A serious bug fix of Getc(). Defined Getc1().
  13. configure support.

  14. * Uncompress support.

    * Sophisticate armor support.
    * Partial Body Length
            ARAI Shun-ichi <hermes>
  15. The first release

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