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package Starlet;
use 5.008_001;
our $VERSION = '0.08';
=head1 NAME
% start_server --port=80 -- plackup -s Starlet [options] your-app.psgi
or if you do not need hot deploy,
% plackup -s Starlet --port=80 [options] your-app.psgi
Starlet is a standalone HTTP/1.0 server formerly known as L<Plack::Server::Standalone::Prefork> and L<Plack::Server::Standalone::Prefork::Server::Starter>.
The server supports following features, and is suitable for running HTTP application servers behind a reverse proxy.
- prefork and graceful shutdown using L<Parallel::Prefork>
- hot deploy using L<Server::Starter>
- fast HTTP processing using L<HTTP::Parser::XS> (optional)
In addition to the options supported by L<plackup>, Starlet accepts following options(s).
=head2 --max-workers=#
number of worker processes (default: 10)
=head2 --timeout=#
seconds until timeout (default: 300)
=head2 --keepalive-timeout=#
timeout for persistent connections (default: 2)
=head2 --max-keepalive-reqs=#
max. number of requests allowed per single persistent connection. If set to one, persistent connections are disabled (default: 1)
=head2 --max-reqs-per-child=#
max. number of requests to be handled before a worker process exits (default: 100)
=head1 NOTES
If you are looking for a standalone preforking HTTP server, then you should really look at L<Starman>. However if your all want is a simple HTTP server that runs behind a reverse proxy, this good old module still does what it used to.
=head1 SEE ALSO
=head1 AUTHOR
Kazuho Oku
=head1 LICENSE
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
See L<>
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