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cosmic - a fail-safe network RAID
# create a new volume and connect
cosmic create global-name /dev/mdX 10G
mkfs -t ext3 /dev/mdX
mount /dev/mdX /var/mdX
# connect to and mount an existing volume
cosmic connect global-name /dev/mdX
mount /dev/mdX /var/mdX
# unmount and disconnect volume
umount /var/mdX
cosmic disconnect global-name /dev/mdX
# destroy a volume (should be run when disconnected)
cosmic destroy global-name
# add a new target to RAID array
cosmic add global-name /dev/mdX 10G
# remove a target from RAID array
cosmic remove global-name /dev/mdX
# display status of a connected volume (as colon-separated values)
cosmic status global-name /dev/mdX
# to create a new volume without connecting
cosmic create global-name - 10G
# to connect to an uninitialized array and to init it
cosmic connect --initialize global-name /dev/mdX
mkfs t ext3 /dev/mdX
mount /dev/mdX /var/mdX
Cosmic is a fail-safe network RAID, built around iSCSI.
Copyright (C) 2010 Cybozu Labs, Inc., written by Kazuho Oku
BSD License