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wpbench - collect the load timings of a web page

Web-site performance is a crucial factor to succeeding in the Web business. According to a research conducted by Microsoft, 500msec slowdown in Bing causes their revenue go down by 1.2%.

Wpbench collects the following metrics required for tuning the performance. The primary goal of performance tuning will be to provide some visible response to user so that they can start working on, and the second goal will be the load time.

Event Description
unload timing when the browser switches to the destination page (which will be blank at this moment)
head-parsed when parsing of <head> completes (indicates that all scripts in head have been loaded)
css-loaded when all the stylesheets in <head> have been loaded; this is essentially when the browser becomes capable of rendering something
DOMContentLoaded timing when the entire HTML is laid out
load timing when all the downloads are complete

It is known to work with: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.


  1. upload wpbench.html to your web-site
  2. open the uploaded HTML
  3. enter the path of the web-page you want to take the benchmark
  4. hit the start button