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My bio and the list of session agendas
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Kaz Sato / Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud, Google Inc.

Kaz Sato is Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud. For machine learning and data analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud AI and BigQuery, Kaz has been invited as a speaker at major events including Google Cloud Next, Google I/O, Strata, NVIDIA GTC and etc. Also, authoring many GCP blog posts, supporting developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. He is also interested in hardwares and IoT, and has been hosting FPGA meetups since 2013.

Bio (Japanese)

佐藤一憲 / グーグル合同会社 Google Cloud デベロッパーアドボケイト

Google CloudチームのデベロッパーアドボケイトとしてTensorFlow、Cloud AI、BigQuery等のデータ分析および機械学習プロダクトの開発者支援を担当。Google Cloud Next、Google I/O、Strata、NVIDIA GTC等の主要イベントでスピーカーを務め、GCP公式ブログ英語版にて多数の記事を寄稿。Googleクラウドの開発者コミュニティを7年以上にわたり支援してきたほか、ハードウェアやIoTにも興味を持ちFPGA技術の勉強会を2013年より主宰している。



Current session topics

Below is the list of my current session topics.

Codelab material

Blog posts, videos and demos

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2018 blogs

2018 videos

2018 demos

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2016 GCP blogs

2016 GCP YouTube videos



  • Google Developers ML Summit, Tokyo
  • Google Developers ML Summit, Seoul
  • Google Developers ML Summit, Taipei
  • Let's Talk AI, Taipei
  • Google Cloud Next, San Francisco
  • Google I/O, Mountain View
  • SREcon19 Asia, Singapore
  • O'Reilly AI Conf, Beijing
  • Google Cloud Next, Tokyo
  • O'Reilly TensorFlow World, Santa Clara (featured speaker)
  • Heapcon, Belgrade


  • FOSS Asia, Singapore (keynote)
  • NVIDIA GTC, Santa Clara (featured speaker)
  • O'Reilly AI Conf, Beijing
  • IEEE COOL Chips, Yokohama (keynote)
  • AI Congress, Las Vegas
  • O'Reilly AI Conf, NYC
  • WeAreDevlopers, Vienna
  • Google I/O, Mountain View
  • Google for Mobile, Seoul/Tokyo
  • Google Cloud Next, San Francisco
  • Google Cloud Next, Tokyo (keynote)
  • O'Reilly AI Conf, London
  • GDG DevFest 2018, Melbourne
  • GOTO, Copenhagen
  • IEICE Design Gaia 2018, Hiroshima
  • Google Developers ML Summit, Tokyo (keynote)


  • Kalaari Future of AI, Bangalore
  • Global AI Conf, Santa Clara
  • Developers Summit, Tokyo
  • APAC ML Expert Day, Singapore
  • Google Cloud Next, San Francisco
  • Cloud Conf, Turin
  • Slush Tokyo
  • ODSC East, Boston
  • DevFest DC, Washington DC
  • Google I/O, Mountain View
  • Apache Big Data, Miami
  • IoT World, Santa Clara
  • Strata Data Conf, London
  • Data Science Summit EU, Jerusalem
  • Open Source Summit, Tokyo
  • APAC Innovation Summit, Hong Kong
  • Apps Japan, Tokyo
  • Google Cloud Next, Tokyo
  • ML Code Camp, Jeju
  • InfiniteConf, London
  • AI Summit, Hong Kong
  • Google for Mobile, Tokyo
  • JupyterCon, New York
  • Open Source Summit North America, Los Angeles
  • Google Cloud Summit, Mumbai and Bangalore
  • ODSC Europe, London
  • VoxxedDays, Belgrade
  • Data Scientist Association Symposium, Tokyo
  • Gartner Symposium, Tokyo
  • Horizons, Vienna
  • Cloud Expo Europe, Paris
  • GOTO Berlin
  • GDD India (keynote)
  • Strata Data Conf, Singapore


  • Software Architecture Conference, London
  • WebTech Conf, Munich
  • ODSC West, Santa Clara
  • Think with Google, Tokyo
  • Strata + Hadoop World, San Jose
  • Google I/O, Mountain View
  • ODSC East, Boston
  • GOTO Amsterdam
  • Hadoop Summit, San Jose
  • Google for Mobile, Tokyo and Korea
  • Google Atmosphere, Melbourne and India
  • MLconf, Atlanta
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