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See this video for learning how the tool works.

pdf2audiobook training process

  1. Create a training data as CSV file
  2. Train a AutoML Tables model
  3. use pdf2audiobook for generating mp3 files

pdf2audiobook usage

Register the code with Cloud Functions the following command. You need to create the bucket beforehand as a workspace for pdf2audiobook.

gcloud functions deploy p2a_gcs_trigger --runtime python37 --trigger-bucket <bucket> --memory=2048MB --timeout=540


  • Annotation mode usage: to use pdf2audiobook for generating annotation data, set ANNOTATION_MODE = True and re-register the code with Cloud Funtions, so the tool will generate CSV files for annotation instead of mp3 files.

  • Annotation tool: use /apps-script code for running the annotation tool with Google Apps Script