An Angular directive that creates a business card element
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An Angular directive that creates a business card element


A demo can be found at


Installation requires jspm:

npm install -g jspm

Then install tw-business-card

jspm install github:kazuo/tw-business-card

And in your app, simply import twBusinessCard

import 'angular';
import 'kazuo/tw-business-card';

angular.module('app', [
]).controller('DemoController', [function () {
  this.contacts = [
          name: 'Neafevoc K. Marindale',
          title: 'Magician',
          email: '',
          phone: '+1 (808) 867-5309',
          oneLiner: '"Watch this!"'
          name: 'Richard Winters',
          title: 'Captain',
          email: '',
          oneLiner: "Hang tough"
          name: 'Johnny B. Good',
          title: 'Musician',
          email: '',
          phone: '+1 (818) 555-1234',
          oneLiner: "Rock On!"
          name: 'Jane Deaux',
          title: 'Officer Manager',
          email: '',
          phone: '+1 (323) 555-4321',
          oneLiner: ":)"

And in your HTML

<div class="container" ng-controller="DemoController as vm" ng-cloak>
    <tw-business-card ng-repeat="contact in vm.contacts" data-contact="contact"></tw-business-card>


Development requires grunt and karma:

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install -g karma-cli

Then to install the project:

npm install

To create a developer build for the project:

grunt build

There is no demo site in the source code of the project, so it's highly recommended to create a separate development app to bootstrap tw-business-card by following the install instructions above. Once that's complete, you can run the following command that will copy the build folder into your dev app.

grunt --target=./../my-other-app/src/jspm_packages/github/kazuo/tw-business-card@master

It will copy the contents of the build folder into the target folder

A grunt dist command is also available to creating a distribution build of the project.