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personal website / tech blog built with Hugo + Webpack + ReScript (Formerly Reason & BuckleScript)


  • Hugo
  • Node.js (v10.15.3)
  • Yarn


git clone
cd gadgetlunatic
yarn install

Develop / Write

yarn bs:build # run first to compile ReScript code
yarn start

The result can be seen on http://localhost:1313.

Webpack is used to bundle and handle assets under /src. To reduce disk writes, Webpack will not write write the bundled files to local storage during development. Instead, webpack-dev-server will start on http://localhost:1314 and host the bundled files from memory.

Hugo will run a server on http://localhost:1313 and reference the Javascript / SCSS files hosted on http://localhost:1314.

In order to edit ReScript files, run the following command to convert such files to JavaScript on save.

yarn bs:start


yarn build

First, scripts written in ReScript will be converted to Javascript with bsb.

Then, Webpack will process Javascript/SCSS files and assets under /src and write to /static. It will also produce /data/manifest.json which includes the paths to bundled files.

Using this manifest, Hugo will build the articles to /public. Hugo will fail to build the website if /data/manifest.json is not present.


The website will deploy automatically when a commit is pushed to origin/master is hosted as a static website using Netlify.


This project makes use of stylelint to lint scss files. Make sure that the linter passes before making a commit. For ReScript files, use formatters included in editors.

yarn lint
# or to fix automatically,
yarn lint:fix