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Simplify installation

We now have a minimally useful system to collect and display RSS readings. To attract contributors we must make it easier to install the components. We have added Issues to Adagios, Nethead, and Linger toward this goal.


Investigate RIOT

As described below in the Network setup goal, we must improve the efficiency and scalability of messaging. RIOT is an increasingly popular, POSIX-based embedded system. It provides CoAP (libcoap and microcoap) implementations with block and observe support, as well as a CBOR implementation. We plan to investigate use of RIOT for Nethead. This task includes support for OpenMote hardware and porting RSS data collection.

Network setup

Presently, Nethead's RSS reporting provide a minimally useful system, but each mote is limited to two or three neighbors. We plan to increase payload efficiency to support more neighbors per mote. See the Issues page, #3, about use of the MessagePack format. Beyond the payload format, we can provide a more scalable solution with support for the CoAP block protocol.

COMI standardization

Several IETF contributors are developing the CoAP Management Interface (COMI) draft for use with LLNs. This interface includes mote management features as well as monitoring, based on existing MIBs and standards. It also provides a well-defined path for development of LLN-specific management and statistics.

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