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UB Heidelberg Annotationen Frontend

Known Vulnerabilities




  1. takes the initial state of the Vue store
  2. dispatches a fetchToken action to retrieve the token from localStorage or via HTTP GET to tokenEndpoint or fail and force login if clicked, not otherwise
  3. dispatches a fetchList action to retrieve all anotations that match {$target:options.targetSource}
  4. dispatches a fetchAcl action to retrieve the resp. permissions
  5. starts a Vue App with a single <sidebar-app>
  6. Returns the Vue.App which should be kept around (e.g. as window.annoapp) and on whose eventBus listeners can be added $on and which can emit events with $emit


  • container: Container element to hold the annotation sidebar/modal
  • language: Language for l10n. Currently: en/eng or de/deu (Default)
  • collection: Anno Collection
  • targetSource: The target of the annotation. Defaults to window.location.href
  • targetImage: The image if any, to annotate on this page
  • targetThumbnail: Thumbnail view of the image. Defaults to options.targetImage
  • annotationList: Options for the list display
    • sortedBy: Sort key: created_az, created_za or title_az
    • allCollapsed: Collapse (true) or expand (false) all annotations
  • purlTemplate A string template for the persistent URL. {{ slug }} will be replaced by the slug of the annotation
  • purlId Annotation ID of the persistent URL. Should begin with the URL of annoEndpoint
  • purlAnnoInitiallyOpen Whether the persistently adressed annotation should be made visible initially, if necessary by opening parent threads
  • token: Function or token. The literal token. Don't use this option without SSL/TLS encryption. Function must be synchronous.
  • tokenEndpoint: URL of the endpoint providing the JSON Webtoken
  • annoEndpoint: URL of the Open Annotation Protocol server
  • loginEndpoint: Function or URL of the login mask
  • logoutEndpoint: Function or URL that logs the user out
  • isLoggedIn: Function or boolean to designate whether the user is already logged in. No login button will be shown in that case, token will still be retrieved unless found


startHighlighting(annoId, open)

Highlight the annotation with id annoId


Stop highlighting the annotation with id annoId


Open thread tree to reveal anno with id annoId


Either listen/emit via app.eventBus and/or provide listeners as events option

  • mouseover(annoId): $on this to catch when an annotation is hovered in the list
  • mouseleave(annoId): $on this to catch when an annotation is un-hovered in the list
  • fetched(annotationList): List of annotations has been fetched from the server

Structure of the application

All assets are bundled into a JS file ubhd-anno.js

Loading ubhd-anno.js binds a class UBHDAnnoApp to window.

UBHDAnnoApp can be instantiated to an object app with a set of config options.

app has a method

App is a Vue app, component structure:

  • Sidebar
    • AnnoList
      • ... AnnoViewer
    • AnnoEditorModal
      • AnnoEditor
        • HtmlEditor
        • ZoneEditor
        • TagsEditor
        • SemtagsEditor
        • Preview

Integration into serv7

$(function() {
  const base = ``
  const targetImage = img_zoomst[`${projectname}_${pagename}`][0].url
  const targetSource = `${base}/${digipath}/${projectname}/${pagename}`
  const targetThumbnail = `${targetSource}/_thumb_image`
  window.annoapp = displayAnnotations({

    // Metadata

    // Language
    language: lang,

    // Determine login & such
    annoEndpoint:  '',
    tokenEndpoint: '',
    loginEndpoint:  document.querySelector('a#login') ? document.querySelector('a#login').href : null,
    logoutEndpoint: null,
    isLoggedIn:     !! document.querySelector('span#user').innerHTML.match(/(Abmelden|Logout)</),

    events: {
      fetched(list)  { window.drawAllPolygons(list)     },
      mouseenter(id) { window.drawAllPolygons(null, id) },
      mouseleave(id) { window.drawAllPolygons()         },
      error(err)     { console.error(err)               },




Clone the repository

git clone
cd ubhdanno-client

Install Node.js. @kba recommends nvm.

curl -o- | bash
nvm install v7.8.0

Install all dependencies and devDependencies:

npm install

In particular, anno is required to be built from our repos since it's not yet published.

Building for deployment

npm install
make build

To scp it to serv42: make deploy.

Javascript API

These are generated from the source files.



The editor has three modes: create, reply and revise that represent the function of the anno-store to be used on save Properties: Events:

  • close-editor: The editor was closed
  • removed(id): Annotation id was removed


List of anno-viewer components.


  • create: A new annotation on targetSource shall be created


  • @param {String} state Either show or hide


Show an annotation as a bootstrap panel.


  • annotation: The annotation this viewer shows
  • asReply: Whether the annotation should be displayed as a reply (no colapsing, smaller etc.)
  • purlTemplate A string template for the persistent URL. {{ slug }} will be replaced by the slug of the annotation
  • purlId The URL of the persistently adressed annotation
  • collapseInitially: Whether the anntotation should be collapsed after first render
  • imageWidth: Width of the image this annotation is about, if any
  • imageHeight: Height of the image this annotation is about, if any
  • iiifUrlTemplate: URL template for the IIIF link if this annotation contains zones about an image. The string {{ iiifRegion }} is replaced with a IIIF Image API conformant region specification that contains the bounding box of all zones in this annotation.


  • revise: This annotation should be opened in an editor for revision
  • reply: A new annotation as a reply to this annotation should be opened in an editor
  • remove: This annotation should be removed from the store
  • startHighlighting: Start highlighting this annotation
  • stopHighlighting: Stop highlighting this annotation
  • mouseenter: The mouse cursor is now on this annotation
  • mouseleave: The mouse cursor has left this annotation
  • setToVersion: Reset the currently edited annotation to the revision passed


A bootstrap button




Editor for the text/html TextualBody body of an annotation.


Editor for semantic tags, i.e. link-label tuples with autocompletion. @param String prop The property to autocomplete. Either 'source' or 'label'


Editor for the simple text-value-only tags of an annotation.



Adds this.api, a new anno-http-store configured to communicate with annoEndpoint

this.api.revise('http://anno1', {...}, (err) => console.error(err))

this.$auth(cond, [id])

Check authorization of user against $store.state.acl

  • $auth(<cond>, <url>) should be read as "Is the current user authorized to apply action <cond> on <url>"


Localization mixin. Will return the localized string in the currently enabled language. Translations are kept in ../../l10n-config.json in an object

config.localizations = {
  de: {
    login: 'Anmelden',
  en: {
    login: 'Log in',

If no translation for the enabled language is available, fall back to the defaultLang. If there is no translation in the defaultLang (which is a bug) just return the string.


Sets this.prefix to the prefix defined globally.


Vue application for displaying/editing annotations




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