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Fix the shatter buttons on the right of the DE panel alpha issue
Rename that file since it's only AH shits now
Move DE prob into shared lib
Remove duplicate Kill Command glyph (Thanks eridius)
Don't disenchant Illustrious Guild Tabards, either (Thanks brantb)
Don't disenchant town teleport guild cloaks (Thanks brantb)
Tweak how transmute nocombine is loaded so that initial login bug goes away
Some missing bracer enchants
Don't DE epic guild tabards
Don't tell JCs that gems are craftable unless they're an alchy too
Updating README
Remember what panel you had open last and reopen it
Highlight items we aren't skilled enough to DE
New JC panels (thanks eridius)
Missing resil gems
Avoid spurious nocombine matches (thanks eridius)
Avoid tracking guild tradeskills (thanks eridius)
New gems
new glyphs
flask costs changed
new glyph
Consistency is hard and stuff
missed some enchants
Some more cat green gems
New ink
Scrolls were backwards
Some glyphs changed type
Vials were simplified with cat, thank god
Cat prospecting
Those are inks
get rid of old vellumz
Fix new enchanting panel
New transmutants
New flasks and elixirs
Allow for craft reagent qty in panels
Finish cleap up of wrath gem panels
Finish sorting out major glyphs
Add some Cat panels (will activate when cat is activated)
Clean up wrath rare gem panel
It was a fun experiment, but I never used the by-stat gem panels
Really no reason to keep the BC gem panels around, I'm not going to waste time fixing them anyway
Add prime glyph panel
Clean up minor glyph panels
Fix wrath epic gem panel
Simple vellums in 4.0
More 4.0 fixes are on their way!
Add wrath enchants panel
Seems we were missing some enchants
Add shatters to DE panel
Fucking scroll/enchant names don't always match up
Make transmutes panels a bit betterer
Seems you can transmute the epic red gem
Fix shitty change in AH panel textures
No more two-ink glyphs
New glyphs
add Fire Leaf to millable Northrend herbs
Don't scan tradeskill recipes if it's not the player's
Embed update
Add wrath epic gems and titanium prospecting
Seems that glyph was removed
Rejigger 3.1 glyphs, now sorted by ink
Seems we were missing some chest def chants
Rejigger bracer enchant layout a smidge
New chants!
New glyphs!
Pot update for 3.1
Missed a chant
Remove calls to GetItemInfo that may involve uncached items, remove the force-caching buttons
Remove dependency on item names to avoid cache issues, always use itemID instead
Use 3rd-level vellums when enchanting
Add some missing enchants
Add nasty retarded checking to ENSURE that Auc's API is available when Auc is loaded... cache Auc prices since they don't
- Sorry Auc users, bitch at Norgs to implement GetAuctionBuyout if you want proper support
Tweak chat linking to maybe avoid odd errors
Add cooking panels
Fix up the pot panels a bit
Add support for GetReagentCost API, if present
Add a missing weapon chant
Add wrath uncommon gems by stat panels
Rename gem panels
New glyphs in 3.0.8
Embed update
Add transmute panel
Add "tabs" for each craft, reorganize panels
Remove some old, unused code
Forgot to delete the OptionHouse file
Update DE possibilities
New 3.0.8 recipes
New panels, ench boots. chest, gloves
Add custom icons for enchanting panels
Are you..... Local?
deDE locale
Add wrath meta panel
Hide mass-mill button from players that can't mill
Why was dongle still here?
Embed update
Add scrollbars to panels that need them
Remove some debuggery, oops
Add Mass Milling button
Embed update
What, nil? NEVAR!
Missed Anchient Lickin' for milling
Buggerfuck, got the flask panel backwards
Last of the missing NR major glyphs
Add minor glyph by class panel
Rearrange minor glyph panel
DK northrend glyphs
Add wrath flasks and elixirs
Add various ore and gems to "not craftable" list
Fix two tin ores on prospecting panel
Add Northrend Inscription Research
Rejigger the northrend glyphs a bit
Add wrath scrolls and vellum
Northrend herbs!
Don't test every bag item for soulboundedness, just ones we can DE
Add some enchant-to-vellum panels
Big 3.0 update! No more dongle or OptionHouse
Redesign DE panel to use space better and display results more clearly
Redesign prospecting panel to be, like, actually useful
Add Wrath gems and ores
Add glyph and scroll panels
Add milling
Add flask and elixir panels
Add shift-click item linking
Add alt-click to craft all of an item
Add flasks and elixirs panels
Add Nightmare Vine to milling
Tweak up the UIErrorsFrame strata so we can see combine errors
Save char's known combines across sessions
Add * to glyphs that require two inks
Use itemIDs when crafting instead of names
Use Auc's Beancounter, I guess
Move DE panel tooltip anchor so it doesn't cover up the current button
Make DE panel tooltip update on BAG_UPDATE
Add placeholder wrath DE probabilities... no idea if the usual pattern is maintained
Make panels scrollable if they overflow
Add force-cache button to panels
Make refresh button use localized craft name
Add AddonLoader LDB launcher field
Tweak launcher declaration to match the updated spec
God damn OnTooltipSetItem calls with nil items...
Add LDB launcher, kickass panda icon
Fix ore tip formatting
Make price panel refresh prices OnShow
Add crush values to FI and Adaman Ore tooltips
Make gemtooltip cache clear also
Clear the DE tip cache whenever the AH refreshes, so that we get updated prices
Add mu symbol so I can remember which number is the mean
Make gem cutting panel prices refresh, instead of only writing on first show
Add support for GetAuctionBuyout global for price lookups
Add pearls to gem cutting panel
Don't nil out our constants, we don't really need to and it's causing issues
Fix epic panel deleting green/blue panel generator if opened before green/blue panel
Add meta cutting panel
Fix gem tooltip error when raw gem has no Auc price
Add epic cutting panel, Brilliant Glass, new Rare cuts
Fix issue with unknown prices and tooltips
Add gem cut price info to raw gem toolips
Updating TOC to 20400
Fix GemCutting panel not registering events on first show
Add bag item counts to GemCutting frame
Open backback when panels are shown, nil out frame factories when they aren't needed anymore
Common constants across the addon (save a smidge of memory)
Fix tip anchor in DE frame
Add Gem cutting (green and blue) panel
Move common util functions into the addon's table
Added click-prospecting and prospect counts to the prospecting panel
Add server query to ensure our items are cached if possible, fixes issue #208
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