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Control Philips Hue in Ruby
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ruby-hue is a simple Ruby library and binary for manipulating the Philips Hue lighting system.


(In a pry shell... for awesomeness)

require 'hue'
h = # make use of auto-discovery

h.poll_state # fetch and print system status

h.set_bright_color(1, Color::RGB::Red)

h.all_lights.write bri: 255, hue: 40000, sat: 200

# alternate between blue and red
(1..1.0/0).each do |n|
  h.all_lights.write hue: n.even? ? 0 : 248 * 182, transitiontime: 1
  sleep 0.15


It is highly recommended that you read the inline comments in lib/hue.rb. The module is very thoroughly documented.

Installation & Requirements

Make sure you have the following packages installed (including devel versions):

libcurl, libxml

You're also going to need to install the upnp gem. Unfortunately it is not yet released publicly, so I have included it here as a submodule dependency. The easiest way to get setup right now would be:

git clone && cd ruby-hue
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd httpi && bundle install && rake install && cd ..
cd upnp && bundle install && rake install && cd ..
bundle install
rake install

gem install ruby-hue will only work when upnp has been successfully installed.


Thanks to this link for figuring out most of the unofficial Hue REST API:

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