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Spring Cloud Function Service Block Samples
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Spring Cloud Function Service Block Samples

This repository contains a collection of service block examples that will help you learn how to use Spring Cloud Function in your microservice architecture.

What are Service Blocks?

Service blocks are cloud-native applications that share many characteristics with microservices. The key difference with microservices is that a service block is a self-contained system that has multiple independently deployable units—mixing together serverless functions with containers.

Service block example

While microservices can be created entirely as serverless functions, a service block focuses on a contextual model that combines together traditional "always-on" applications with portable on-demand functions.


This repository contains a collection of experimental sample projects that demonstrate the service block patterns. Check the README of each service block in this repository to see the status of the project.

An introduction to service block architectures can be found here.


This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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