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Wiktra - Transliteration tool using Wiktionary transliteration modules

Wiktra is a Unicode transliteration tool, written in Python. It’s available as the wiktrapy CLI app and the wiktra Python 3 module.

Internally, it uses transliteration modules from Wiktionary. These modules are written in Lua by the Wiktionary linguists and developers. Therefore, Wiktra offers the highest quality of rule-based transliterations.

Wiktra 1.0 was originally developed by Khuyagbaatar Batsuren. Wiktra 2 was rewritten by Adam Twardoch.


Wiktra 2 supports 514 languages in 102 scripts with the new API (nearly all of languages supported by Wiktionary, except Korean, Japanese and Thai), and 181 languages and its 60 orthographies in the legacy API.


Version 2

(This has been tested on macOS 11.) Unfortunately, it hasn't been working on Ubuntu and Windows 10. We are working on testing these installations and fixing the bugs.

First installation

Download and unzip the current repo content. Then, in Terminal, cd to the main folder and run:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade .

This will install brew if needed, the installs lua, luarocks, lua-format, luajit and python3. Finally, it installs some Python dependencies, such as lupa or pywikiapi.


python3 -m pip install --upgrade git+

Other systems, version 1

This is from the original version 1. Quite possibly the Version 2 instructions (see above) should work instead.

As much as you want to use your favorite version of Python, it is recommended to employ 3.5 version on the grounds that the module utilizes lupa-1.8. Lupa enables Python to adopt functionalities of Lua language, in which most of the transliteration modules are written.

The following commands prepare a python environment via Anaconda, which promotes the version and the module dependencies:


$ pip install lupa
$ conda create -n scr2scr_env python=3.5


$ conda activate scr2scr_env

Start your Python (3.5.x):

$ python


This should no longer be an issue with version 2.

If you get LuaError: module '' not found, try:

  • create a folder lua in C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\
  • copy the entire folder of wikt from this project and paste it into C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\lua


Command-line, version 2

$ wiktrapy -h

usage: wiktrapy [-h] [-t TEXT] [-i FILE] [-l LANG] [-s SCRIPT] [-o SCRIPT] [-x] [--stats] [-v] [-V]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TEXT, --text TEXT
  -i FILE, --input FILE
  -l LANG, --lang LANG  Input language as ISO 639-2 code
  -s SCRIPT, --script SCRIPT
                        Input script as ISO 15924 code
  -o SCRIPT, --to-script SCRIPT
                        Output script as ISO 15924 code
  -x, --explicit        Explicit language/script, no fuzzy matching
  --stats               List supported scripts and orthographies
  -v, --verbose         -v show progress, -vv show debug
  -V, --version         show version and exit


$ wiktrapy -t "Привет" -l ru -s Cyrl

Or from stdin / via piping:

$ echo Привет | wiktrapy

Python, version 2 new API

from wiktra.Wiktra import Transliterator
tr = Transliterator()

print("Привет", lang='ru', sc='Cyrl', to_sc='Latn', explicit=True)

or less efficiently:

from wiktra import tr
  • If explicit is True, you need to specify lang as the input language (using Wiktionary/ISO codes), sc as the input script (using ISO 15924 codes), and optionally to_sc as the output script (Latn is assumed if absent).

  • If explicit is False or omitted, Wiktra will guess the sc if it’s not specified, and will assume the und (undefined) input language for that script. Sometimes Wiktionary provides a generic script transliterator. If Wiktionary has multiple script transliterators, the language with the largest speaking population also serves as "undefined". For example, for Cyrl (Cyrillic script), ru (Russian language) serves as und (undefined) and is used if you only specify the script or Wiktra guesses Cyrl as the script.

  • Using the class is more efficient for multiple transliterations

Use wiktrapy --stats to list all supported script and language codes, or see the data.yaml. The YAML file also lists the Wiktionary transliteration modules used.

Python, legacy translite function

from wiktra.Wiktra import translite as tr

With the function translite, you need to provide the text and the lang code (see table below for reference):

#mongolian script
tr('монгол бичлэг', 'mon')
> mongol bichleg

#devanagari script
tr('हिंदी लिपि', 'hin')
> hindee lipi

Supported scripts and languages

CLI tool and new Python API

  • scripts: Aghb Ahom Arab Armi Armn Avst Bali Beng Bhks Brah Brai Cans Cher Chrs Copt Cprt Cyrl Cyrs Deva Dogr Ethi Geok Geor Glag Goth Gran Grek Gujr Guru Hani Hatr Hebr Ital Java Kali Kham Khar Khmr Knda Kore Kthi Lana Laoo Latn Lepc Limb Linb Lyci Lydi Mahj Mand Mani Merc Mero Mlym Modi Mong Mymr Narb Nbat Newa Ogam Olck Orkh Orya Palm Perm Phag Phli Phlv Phnx Prti Rohg Runr Samr Sarb Saur Shrd Sidd Sind Sinh Sogd Sogo Soyo Sund Sylo Takr Tale Talu Taml Tavt Telu Tfng Thaa Thai Tibt Tirh Ugar Vaii Xpeo Yiii Zanb

  • languages: und-Aghb xag-Aghb aho-Ahom und-Ahom ar-Arab awa-Arab bhd-Arab chg-Arab ckb-Arab cpg-Arab dng-Arab doi-Arab hac-Arab inc-opa-Arab kfr-Arab kk-Arab kmr-Arab kok-Arab ks-Arab ky-Arab lki-Arab nog-Arab pa-Arab rif-Arab sdh-Arab shi-Arab tg-Arab tt-Arab tzm-Arab ug-Arab und-Arab xco-Arab xng-Arab xnr-Arab arc-Armi und-Armi xco-Armi axm-Armn hy-Armn kmr-Armn qwm-Armn rmi-Armn udi-Armn und-Armn xcl-Armn ae-Avst pal-Avst und-Avst sa-Bali und-Bali as-Beng bn-Beng inc-mas-Beng inc-mbn-Beng inc-oas-Beng inc-ork-Beng pi-Beng rhg-Beng rkt-Beng sa-Beng syl-Beng und-Beng sa-Bhks und-Bhks inc-ash-Brah inc-mgd-Brah inc-pra-Brah inc-psc-Brah kho-Brah oty-Brah pi-Brah pka-Brah pmh-Brah psu-Brah sa-Brah und-Brah xtq-Brah ar-Brai el-Brai hy-Brai ko-Brai ru-Brai th-Brai und-Brai cr-Cans crj-Cans crl-Cans iu-Cans nsk-Cans und-Cans chr-Cher und-Cher und-Chrs xco-Chrs cop-Copt und-Copt grc-Cprt und-Cprt ab-Cyrl abq-Cyrl ady-Cyrl alt-Cyrl atv-Cyrl av-Cyrl ba-Cyrl bdk-Cyrl be-Cyrl bg-Cyrl bua-Cyrl ce-Cyrl chm-Cyrl cv-Cyrl dar-Cyrl ddo-Cyrl dng-Cyrl eve-Cyrl evn-Cyrl gin-Cyrl huz-Cyrl inh-Cyrl jdt-Cyrl kap-Cyrl kbd-Cyrl kca-Cyrl khv-Cyrl kjh-Cyrl kjj-Cyrl kk-Cyrl kmr-Cyrl koi-Cyrl kpv-Cyrl krc-Cyrl kum-Cyrl ky-Cyrl lbe-Cyrl lez-Cyrl mdf-Cyrl mk-Cyrl mn-Cyrl mns-Cyrl mrj-Cyrl myv-Cyrl niv-Cyrl nog-Cyrl omk-Cyrl os-Cyrl pnt-Cyrl ru-Cyrl rue-Cyrl sah-Cyrl sgh-Cyrl sjd-Cyrl sva-Cyrl tab-Cyrl tg-Cyrl tt-Cyrl tyv-Cyrl udi-Cyrl udm-Cyrl ug-Cyrl uk-Cyrl und-Cyrl wbl-Cyrl xal-Cyrl yai-Cyrl ykg-Cyrl yux-Cyrl cu-Cyrs orv-Cyrs und-Cyrs zle-ono-Cyrs awa-Deva bfy-Deva bfz-Deva bgc-Deva bhd-Deva bho-Deva bns-Deva bpx-Deva bra-Deva brx-Deva cdh-Deva cdj-Deva doi-Deva dty-Deva gbk-Deva gbm-Deva hi-Deva inc-ogu-Deva inc-ohi-Deva inc-pra-Deva inc-tak-Deva inc-vra-Deva kfs-Deva kfx-Deva kok-Deva ks-Deva mai-Deva mjl-Deva mr-Deva mtr-Deva mwr-Deva ne-Deva new-Deva omr-Deva pgd-Deva pgg-Deva pi-Deva pka-Deva pmh-Deva psu-Deva sa-Deva saz-Deva und-Deva unr-Deva xnr-Deva ybi-Deva doi-Dogr und-Dogr am-Ethi byn-Ethi dlk-Ethi gez-Ethi har-Ethi sem-cha-Ethi ti-Ethi tig-Ethi und-Ethi ka-Geok und-Geok ab-Geor bbl-Geor ka-Geor lzz-Geor oge-Geor os-Geor sva-Geor udi-Geor und-Geor xmf-Geor cu-Glag und-Glag zle-ono-Glag got-Goth und-Goth sa-Gran und-Gran cpg-Grek el-Grek grc-Grek ine-pae-Grek oos-Grek pnt-Grek txh-Grek und-Grek xbc-Grek xmk-Grek xpg-Grek ae-Gujr gu-Gujr kfr-Gujr sa-Gujr und-Gujr vgr-Gujr inc-opa-Guru pa-Guru sa-Guru und-Guru dng-Hani und-Hani arc-Hatr und-Hatr ar-Hebr jdt-Hebr ka-Hebr und-Hebr yi-Hebr ett-Ital itc-ola-Ital nrp-Ital osc-Ital spx-Ital und-Ital xcc-Ital xfa-Ital xle-Ital xlp-Ital xrr-Ital xum-Ital xve-Ital jv-Java kaw-Java sa-Java und-Java kyu-Kali und-Kali und-Kham inc-ash-Khar kho-Khar pgd-Khar pra-niy-Khar sa-Khar und-Khar xtq-Khar km-Khmr pi-Khmr sa-Khmr und-Khmr dra-mkn-Knda dra-okn-Knda inc-pra-Knda kn-Knda kok-Knda sa-Knda tcy-Knda und-Knda ko-Kore und-Kore awa-Kthi bho-Kthi hi-Kthi mai-Kthi und-Kthi pi-Lana sa-Lana und-Lana lo-Laoo pi-Laoo sa-Laoo und-Laoo und-Latn lep-Lepc und-Lepc lif-Limb und-Limb gmy-Linb und-Linb und-Lyci xlc-Lyci und-Lydi xld-Lydi mwr-Mahj und-Mahj arc-Mand und-Mand pal-Mani sog-Mani und-Mani xbc-Mani xpr-Mani und-Merc xmr-Merc und-Mero xmr-Mero kok-Mlym ml-Mlym sa-Mlym und-Mlym mr-Modi omr-Modi sa-Modi und-Modi bua-Mong cmg-Mong mn-Mong mnc-Mong und-Mong xng-Mong xwo-Mong ksw-Mymr my-Mymr pi-Mymr rhg-Mymr sa-Mymr shn-Mymr und-Mymr sem-dad-Narb sem-dum-Narb sem-has-Narb sem-his-Narb sem-saf-Narb sem-tay-Narb sem-tha-Narb und-Narb arc-Nbat und-Nbat bn-Newa hi-Newa mai-Newa ne-Newa new-Newa sa-Newa und-Newa pgl-Ogam und-Ogam sat-Olck und-Olck otk-Orkh und-Orkh or-Orya sa-Orya spv-Orya und-Orya arc-Palm und-Palm koi-Perm und-Perm und-Phag xng-Phag pal-Phli und-Phli pal-Phlv und-Phlv xco-Phlv arc-Phnx obm-Phnx phn-Phnx sem-amm-Phnx und-Phnx xdm-Phnx xpu-Phnx und-Prti xpr-Prti rhg-Rohg und-Rohg ang-Runr gmq-pro-Runr got-Runr non-Runr und-Runr arc-Samr sam-Samr und-Samr inm-Sarb sem-srb-Sarb und-Sarb xha-Sarb xhd-Sarb xqt-Sarb xsa-Sarb sa-Saur saz-Saur und-Saur ks-Shrd sa-Shrd und-Shrd sa-Sidd und-Sidd und-Sind pi-Sinh sa-Sinh si-Sinh und-Sinh sog-Sogd und-Sogd xco-Sogd sog-Sogo und-Sogo mn-Soyo und-Soyo su-Sund und-Sund syl-Sylo und-Sylo cdh-Takr doi-Takr gbk-Takr kfs-Takr mjl-Takr pgg-Takr und-Takr xnr-Takr tdd-Tale und-Tale khb-Talu und-Talu sa-Taml saz-Taml ta-Taml und-Taml und-Tavt sa-Telu te-Telu und-Telu rif-Tfng shi-Tfng tzm-Tfng und-Tfng zgh-Tfng dv-Thaa und-Thaa pi-Thai sa-Thai th-Thai und-Thai bo-Tibt dz-Tibt lbj-Tibt sa-Tibt sip-Tibt und-Tibt mai-Tirh sa-Tirh und-Tirh uga-Ugar und-Ugar und-Vaii vai-Vaii peo-Xpeo und-Xpeo ii-Yiii und-Yiii mn-Zanb und-Zanb

Legacy translite function

Language iso-3 in use wiktionary code Supporting script examples
1 Abaza abq abq Cyrillic
2 Abkhazian abk ab Cyrillic
3 Adyghe ady ady Cyrillic
4 Ahom aho aho Ahom tests
5 Ainu ain ain Kana tests
6 Altai, Southern alt altai Cyrillic
7 Amharic amh am Ethiopic tests
8 Ancient Greek grc-c grc Cypriot script
9 Ancient Greek grc grc Greek (Polythonic) tests
10 Ancient Macedonian xmk xmk Greek (Polythonic) tests
11 Arabic ara ar Arab tests
12 Ardhamagadhi Prakrit pka pka Brahmi
13 Armenian arm armn Armn
14 Ashokan Prakrit inc-ash inc-ash Brahmi
15 Ashokan Prakrit inc-ash-k inc-ash Kharoshthi script tests
16 Assamese asm as as-Beng
17 Avaric ava av Cyrillic
18 Avestan ave avst Avst
19 Awadhi awa awa Devanagari
20 Bactrian xbc xbc Grek
21 Bagheli bfy bfy Devanagari
22 Bashkir bak ba Cyrillic
23 Bats bbl bbl Georgian script tests
24 Belarusian bel be Cyrillic
25 Bengali ben bn Beng tests
26 Berber* ber ber Tfng
27 Bhadrawahi bhd bhd Devanagari
28 Bhojpuri bho bho Devanagari
29 Bilaspuri kfs kfs Devanagari
30 Blin byn byn Ethiopic tests
31 Braj bra bra Devanagari
32 Budukh bud bdk Cyrillic
33 Bulgarian bul bg Cyrillic
34 Bundeli bns bns Devanagari
35 Burmese mya my Burmese
36 Buryat bua bua Cyrillic
37 Canadian syllabics cans cans Canadian syllabics
38 Cappadocian Greek cpg cpg Greek (Polythonic) tests
39 Chaha sem-cha sem-cha Ethiopic tests
40 Chambeali cdh cdh Devanagari
41 Chechen che ce Cyrillic
42 Cherokee chr cher Cher
43 Churahi cdj cdj Devanagari
44 Church Slavic chu cv Cyrillic
45 Coptic cop copt Copt
46 Cree cre cr Cans
47 Dargwa dar dar Cyrillic
48 Dhivehi div dv Thaa
49 Dogri doi-d doi Devanagari
50 Dolgan dlg dlg Cyrillic
51 Doteli dty dty Devanagari
52 Dungan dng dng Cyrillic
53 Eastern Mari chm chm Cyrillic
54 Erzya myv myv Cyrillic
55 Even eve eve Cyrillic
56 Evenki evn evn Cyrillic
57 Gaddi gbk gbk Devanagari
58 Gandhari pgd-k pgd Kharoshthi script tests
59 Garhwali gbm gbm Devanagari
60 Ge'ez gez gez Ethiopic tests
61 Georgian geo geor Georgian script tests
62 Gothic got goth Gothic script
63 Gujarati guj gu Gujarati tests
64 Hadrami xhd xhd Old South Arabian script
65 Harami xha xha Old South Arabian script
66 Harari har har Ethiopic tests
67 Haryanvi bgc bgc Devanagari
68 Hebrew heb he Hebrew
69 Hindi hin hi Devanagari tests
70 Ingush inh inh Cyrillic
71 Inuktitut iku iu Cans
72 Javanese jav jv Javanese
73 Kabardian kbd kbd Cyrillic
74 Kachchi kfr kfr Gujarati tests
75 Kalmyk xal xal Cyrillic tests
76 Kangri xnr xnr Devanagari
77 Kannada kan kn Knda
78 Karachay-Balkar krc krc Cyrillic
79 Karaim kdr kdr Cyrillic
80 Karakalpak kaa kaa Cyrillic
81 Kashmiri kas ks Kashmiri arabic
81 Kashmiri kas-d ks Kashmiri devanagri
82 Kazakh kaz kk Cyrillic
83 Khakas kjh kjh Cyrillic
84 Khanty kca kca Cyrillic
85 Khinalugh kjj kjj Cyrillic
86 Khmer khm km Khmer script
87 Khotanese kho kho Brahmi
88 Kildin Sami sjd sjd Cyrillic
89 Kipchak qwm qwm Armn
90 Komi-Permyak koi koi Cyrillic
91 Komi-Zyrian kpv kpv Cyrillic
92 Konkani kok kok Devanagari
93 Korean kor ko Kore tests
94 Kullu Pahari kfx kfx Devanagari
95 Kumyk kum kum Cyrillic
96 Kyrgyz kir ky Cyrillic
97 Lak lbe lbe Cyrillic
98 Lao lao lo Laoo
99 Latin-to-Tamil tam en-ta Latn
100 Laz lzz lzz Georgian script tests
101 Lepcha lep lep Lepcha
102 Lezgi lez lez Cyrillic
103 Limbu lif lif Limbu
104 khb khb New Tai Lue
105 Lycian xlc xlc Lycian
106 Lydian xld xld Lydi
107 Macedonian mkd mk Cyrillic
108 Magadhi Prakrit inc-mgd inc-mgd Brahmi
109 Maharastri Prakrit pmh pmh Brahmi
110 Mahasu Pahari bfz bfz Devanagari
111 Malayalam mal ml Mlym
112 Mandeali mjl mjl Devanagari
113 Mansi mns mns Cyrillic
114 Marathi mar mr Devanagari
115 Marwari mwr mwr Devanagari
116 Mewari mtr mtr Devanagari
117 Middle Assamese inc-mas inc-mas Assamese
118 Middle Persian pal-m pal Manichaean script
119 Middle Persian pal-p pal Phli
120 Minaean inm inm Old South Arabian script
121 Mingrelian xmf xmf Georgian script tests
122 Moksha mdf mdf Cyrillic
123 Mongolian mon mon Cyrillic
124 Mundari unr unr Devanagari
125 Mycenaean Greek gmy gmy Linear B script
126 Naskapi nsk nsk Canadian syllabics
127 Nepali nep ne Devanagari
128 Newar new new Devanagari
129 Nivkh niv niv Cyrillic
130 Nogai nog nog Cyrillic
131 Northern Kurdish kmr kmr Cyrillic
132 Northern Yukaghir ykg ykg Cyrillic
133 Old Church Slavonic chu-old-c cu Old Cyrillic alphabets
134 Old Church Slavonic chu-old-g cu Glagolitic alphabets
135 Old East Slavic orv orv Old Cyrillic alphabets
136 Old Georgian oge oge Georgian script tests
137 Old Hindi inc-ohi inc-ohi Devanagari tests
138 Old Italic Old Italic script
139 Old Marathi omr omr Devanagari
140 Old Novgorodian zle-ono-c zle-ono Old Cyrillic alphabets
141 Old Novgorodian zle-ono-g zle-ono Glagolitic alphabets
142 Old Ossetic oos oos Greek (Polythonic) tests
143 Old Persian peo peo Old Persian
144 Old Tamil oty oty Brahmi
145 Orya ori or Oriya
146 Ossetian oss os Cyrillic
147 Paeonian ine-pae ine-pae Greek (Polythonic) tests
148 Paisaci Prakrit inc-psc inc-psc Brahmi
149 Palya Bareli bpx bpx Devanagari
150 Pangwali pgg pgg Devanagari
151 Parthian xpr xpr Manichaean script
152 Parthian xpr xpr Parthian
153 Persian fas fa fa-Arab tests
154 Phrygian xpg xpg Greek (Polythonic) tests
155 Pontic Greek pnt pnt Greek (Polythonic) tests
156 Punjabi pan pal Guru tests
157 Qatabanian xqt xqt Old South Arabian script
158 Russian rus ru Cyrillic tests
159 Rusyn rue rue Cyrillic
160 Sabaean xsa xsa Old South Arabian script
161 Sambalpuri spv spv Oriya
162 Sanskrit san sa Devanagari
163 Santali sat sat Ol Chiki
164 Sauraseni Prakrit psu psu Brahmi
165 Sichuan Yi iii ii Yi script
166 Sinhalese sin si Sinh
167 Sogdian sog sog Manichaean script
168 Tajik tgk tg Cyrillic
169 Takka Apabhramsa inc-tak inc-tak Devanagari
170 Tamil tam ta Tamil tests
171 Tatar tat tt Cyrillic
172 Telugu tel te Telu tests
173 Thai* tha th Thai tests
174 Thracian txh txh Greek tests
175 Tibetan bod bo Tibetan tests
176 Tigre tig tig Ethiopic tests
177 Tigrinya tir ti Ethiopic tests
178 Tuvan tyv tyv Cyrillic
179 Udi udi udi Cyrillic
180 Udi udi udi Georgian script tests
181 Udmurt udm udm Cyrillic
182 Ukrainian ukr uk Cyrillic tests
183 Urdu urd ur Urdu Arabic
184 Uyghur uig ug Uyghur Arabic tests
185 Vaghri vgr vgr Gujarati tests
186 Vracada Apabhramsa inc-vra inc-vra Devanagari
187 Wakhi wbl wbl Cyrillic
188 Yagnobi yai yai Cyrillic
189 Yakut sah sah Cyrillic
190 Modern Greek (new) ell el Greek tests


This tool an update its stored Wiktionary modules. See wiktrapy_update -h for details.


This tool is available under the GPLv2 license.