Replication Materials for "Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis" APSR (2016) 110(2): 278-295.
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01 Create Intitial Sentence Dataset
02 Create a New CF job
03 Make Updated Master Codes Dataset
04 Analyze Core Crowd Data
05 Scale Coders and Documents
06 Produce Paper Tables and Figures
07 Additional Texts
Data - CF jobs
Data - Created
Data - External
Data - Temp

Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis - APSR

Replication Materials for:

  • Benoit, Kenneth, Drew Conway, Benjamin E. Lauderdale, Michael Laver, and Slava Mikhaylov (2016) "Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis: Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis: Reproducible and Agile Production of Political Data." American Political Science Review (2016) 110(2): 278-295.

This repository is designed to provide full replication materials and tools for analysis used in the paper. Please submit issues if you have queries or find discrepancies, or address directly to