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DPEG: Database of Parties, Elections, and Governments

Kenneth Benoit, Darren Caulfield, and Alexander Herzog


The Database of Elections, Parties and Governments (DPEG) is a multi-institution, multi-year project designed to solve the problems of applied researchers who need data on elections, parties, or governments. The basic goal of DPEG is to create a major infrastructural resource for empirical, comparative social science research: a single, inter-linked database of parties, legislatures, elections, election manifestos, governments, and cabinet portfolios, useful for a very wide range of applications in political science, political economy, and policy analysis. It:

  • unites and reconciles currently separate sources of data in a single database;
  • standardizes codes for countries, parties, and governments in a published, open format that can be used for the creation of other datasets;
  • (unlike all existing cross-national datasets which are static and flat-file,) it resides in a relational database that allows dynamic and flexible construction of end-user datasets according to each user’s needs;
  • can easily be updated; and
  • can easily be extended to accommodate new data types.

Constituent Datasets in DPEG 1.0

List them all here...


DPEG is currently under development as we prepare a 1.0 release of a series of flat-file datasets for end-user use, prepare the documentation, and write up the results into an article.

Project History

Documentation and Codebooks

This section will describe the documentation released with the DPEG project, focusing not only on the database structure but also:

  • The structure of the database back-end;
  • The coding conventions used for countries and parties, along with detailed instructions as to how other dataset and database creators can adopt our coding rules, in order to facilitate future integration;
  • Detailed instructions for anyone wishing to submit data to be held in the DPEG infrastructure.

Because the database is currently undergoing preparation for initial release, we have not yet released documentation.

Future Plans

How to Contribute to DPEG


Database of parties, elections, and governments



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