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@@ -28,10 +28,10 @@ The framework name is an acronym. It stands for: B<Mojolicious, YAML, DBI*,
MYDLjE comes with three bundled web-applications around and on top of which
you (the developer) can build even more powerful domain specific
- applications. The applications are based on Mojolicious, so if you (the
+ applications. The applications are based on L<Mojolicious>, so if you (the
developer) know how it works, please feel at home! The applications are
intended to be easy to use (intuitive) for the average computer-literate
- user, so the admin is not needed all the time :).
+ user, so an administrator is not needed all the time :).
=head2 CONTROL PANEL (cpanel)
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ This is your front-end application intended for the public. Build a site or
This is the most tested environment targeted by MYDLjE.
-=item * nginx/0.8 or next with Starman;
+=item * nginx/0.8 or next with Starman or Hypnotoad;
See example configurations in $MYDLjE_HOME/conf/nginx*.conf
and application starters in $MYDLjE_HOME/perl/bin.
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