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Command line arguments and parameters (displayed with “-h” option):

shptosvg [-x xsize] [-y ysize] [-l] [-p precision] [-d deltamin] [-T srs] [-S srs] inputspec [inputspec …]\n" ;

-l lists the names of the attribute fields in the shapefile and then exits.
-x xsize is image width; defaults to 576
-y ysize is image height; defaults to 720
-T srs is for Target projection **s**patial **r**eference **s**ystem in Proj4 format; defaults to rectilinear lat/lon
-S srs is the default Source spatial reference system in Proj4 format; defaults to rectilinear lat/lon
-p precision is the number of decimal points used in the SVG for position coordinates; defaults to 1
-d deltamin is the minimum change in either x or y from the previously plotted point in a line or polygon for the next one to be plotted. This reduces file size by omitting points that are very, very close to each other. Good results are achieved with -p1 -d0.5, which are the defaults.

An “inputspec” contains a shapefile path (with or without .shp) and a list of processing/rendering options separated by commas but no spaces. (Spaces are okay in some options where needed, but not between.) Options contain a name and a value joined by an equal signe: name=value. Currently supported options:

Option Value
srs Source SRS for this shapefile, in Proj4 format
group Name of an attribute to group objects by
grep Name of an attribute by which to select records for inclusion, and a pcre regex by which to choose them, joined with a tilde. E.g.: “grep=FIPSCODE~(04|(35)” might choose records for Arizona and New Mexico if the records has a field named FIPSCODE that contains the state FIPS code.
style Additional or replacement SVG “style” elements for rendering this shapefile E.g.: “style=stroke: #800000; stroke-width: 1.5; fill: #ffff80”
ptype Type of shape to draw for point shapes. Used with a polygon file causes center of the polygon to be drawn as a point instead of drawing the polygon. Valid values include “square”, “diamond”, “star4”, and “star5”. Default is a circle.
rad Radius for the shape drawn for point shapes.
nodraw Set to “true” or “yes” to inhibit rendering of the shapefile; useful for influencing the scale when rendering other files, as when creating layers separately.
colorby An attribute name followed by a list of pcre regexes and color specs; the fill for each shape is set to the color associated with the first matching regex. E.g.: “colorby=”RANGE;m/0 to 50/#cfef7f;m/50 to 100/#a1f574;m/100 to 200/#95fbcb" In this example, the RANGE field contains strings like “0 to 50”. Full-blown regexes are possible, though.

Example inputspec:

Rivers.shp,grep=“NAME~(Red)|(Brazos)|(Pecos)”,style=“stroke:#1821DE;stroke-width:1”,srs=“+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs”

Note: The README file in the distribution may be more up-to-date than this page. (The program may be even more up-to-date though it’s a goal to keep the documentation current.)

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