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(ns katello.tests.content-search
(:require (katello [tasks :refer :all]
[ui-tasks :refer :all]
[organizations :as org]
[environments :as env]
[manifest :as manifest]
[conf :refer [config with-org]]
[api-tasks :as api]
[fake-content :as fake])
[tools.verify :refer [verify-that]]
[bugzilla.checker :refer [open-bz-bugs]]
[test.tree.script :refer [defgroup deftest]]))
(declare test-org)
(def manifest-loc (tmpfile ""))
(defn names-by-type [data-type cs-results]
(->> cs-results
(filter #(= (:data_type %) data-type))
(map :value)))
(defmacro name-fns [types]
`(do ~@(for [t types]
`(def ~(symbol (str t "-names")) (partial names-by-type ~t)))))
(name-fns ["repo" "product" "errata" "package"])
(defn setup-org [test-org envs]
(api/create-organization test-org)
(fake/prepare-org test-org (mapcat :repos fake/some-product-repos))
(if (not (nil? envs)) (env/create-path test-org envs)))
(defn envs [results]
(->> results :columns (map (comp :content :to_display))))
(defgroup content-search-tests
:group-setup (fn []
(def ^:dynamic test-org (uniqueify "contentsearch"))
(api/create-organization test-org)
(fake/prepare-org test-org (mapcat :repos fake/some-product-repos)))
(deftest "Search for content"
:data-driven true
:blockers (open-bz-bugs "855945")
(fn [search-params pred]
(let [search-res (with-org test-org
(apply search-for-content search-params))]
(verify-that (pred search-res))))
;;some simple search tests for *all* the entities of a given type
[[[:repo-type] (fn [results] (= (set (repo-names results))
(set (mapcat :repos fake/some-product-repos))))]
[[:prod-type] (fn [results] (= (set (product-names results))
(set (map :name fake/some-product-repos))))]
[[:errata-type] (fn [results] (let [all-errata (errata-names results)]
(and (= (set all-errata)
(= (count all-errata)
(* (count fake/errata)
(count (repo-names results)))))))]])
(deftest "Ensure for Library Env, Content Search"
:data-driven true
(fn [envz search-params pred & [paral-env]]
(with-unique [test-org1 "redhat-org"]
(setup-org test-org1 envz)
(if (not (nil? paral-env)) (env/create-path test-org1 (take 3 (unique-names "env3"))))
(let [search-res (with-org test-org1
(apply search-for-content [search-params {:envs envz}]))]
(verify-that (pred search-res))
(verify-that (-> search-res envs first (= "Library"))))))
;;setup different org & env scenarios to ensure that Library is the First env and always visible
[[(take 3 (unique-names "env1")) :prod-type (fn [results] (= (set (product-names results))
(set (map :name fake/some-product-repos))))]
[(take 1 (unique-names "env2")) :prod-type (fn [results] (= (set (product-names results))
(set (map :name fake/some-product-repos))))]
[(take 3 (unique-names "env3")) :prod-type (fn [results] (= (set (product-names results))
(set (map :name fake/some-product-repos)))) ["parallel-env"]]
[ nil :prod-type (fn [results] (= (set (product-names results))
(set (map :name fake/some-product-repos))))]
{:blockers (open-bz-bugs "855945")})]))
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