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Important Note

Thanks for your interest.

It's been a very long time since I developed this plugin. I guess many new version has been released by Sketch during that time and I could not have any time to keep the plugin up to date with new versions.

Unfortunately I don't expect to update the plugin soon either. So sorry for that :(

Translate From JSON

A Sketch plugin lets you use variables for texts in your designs.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Double click the plugin file to automatically install
  3. The shortcut should now be available under the Plugin's menu in Sketch

Or Install with Sketchpacks

How to use?

Create your langauge JSON like below. Don't forget to create an object for each language.

  "en": {
    "page1": {
      "hello": "Hello English",
      "bye": "Good bye English!"
  "nl": {
    "page1": {
      "hello": "Hello Dutch",
      "bye": "Good Bye Dutch!"
  "de": {
    "page1": {
      "hello": "Hello German",
      "bye": "Good Bye German!"

Text Layers

  • Change your text layer name you want to set as variable between square brackets

Example: [page1.hello] , [page1.bye]


  • Create your symbol and give unique names to text layers in it.
  • Add your symbol to your artboard.
  • Add your override name & JSON key between braclets after your symbol name.

Example: MyButtonSymbol (button_text=[button.submit])

  • If you have multiple text overrides in a symbol add comma between definations.

Example: HeaderSymbol (title=[homepage.title],subtitle=[homepage.subtitle])

Apply It

  • Go to Plugin / Translate / Import JSON in Sketch
  • Select your JSON formatted file
  • Select language you want to use
  • Booom! Let the magic happen!

Useful Tips

If you added new variables to your artboard after you import the JSON file, you can always go to Plugin / Translate / Update All Texts or use short cut + + T


Sketch plugin to translate variables from JSON file.







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