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Integration Exercise: Mail Servers

TODO lists

Basic todo lists which could be managed with email messages. Only author (email address) and subject of the message are important, body or atachements are ignored.

Legal messages

Types of messages described below show all valid email subjects, any other won't be properly interpreted by Maildo. tokens shows parts of subject that could be changed. All errors are reported back via emails.

Generaly subject could be described as: ACTION [list-id] (additional data) (case sensitive).

Subscribe to list

SUBSCRIBE [list-id] 

Sender of this message will be subscribed to list identified by list-id, list-id could only contain alphanumeric characters and underscore (\w), multiple subscribtions messaegs for already subscribed list causes error.

Add task to list

ADD [list-id] task 

Adds task to list identified by list-id, adding task to list for which subscribption wasn't earlier requested causes error.

Task done

DONE [list-id] task-number

Removes task from list, task-number is 1-based order number of task, removing task from listh for which subscribtion wasn't earlier requested causes error. Illegal task-number causes error.

List of tasks

LIST [list-id] 

Respond with list of tasks added to list identified by list-id. Listing tasks from list to which sender wasn't subscribed causes error.

Unsubscribing from list

UNSUBSCRIBE [list-id] 

Sender of this message will be unsubscribed from list identified by list-id, if sender wasn't previously subscribed this message causes error.

Configuration & Usage

Maildo uses gmail mailboxes. Three enviroment variables need to be set:

  • MAILDO_PASS - password to mailbox
  • MAILDO_MAIL - username eg
  • MAILDO_STORE_PATH - absolute path to existing folder in which files with todo lists will be kept

After successfull configuration following command should do right thing (;

$ ./bin/maildo