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#define SEQ_DIR "sequencer"
#define SEQ_OLD_DIR "sequencer-old"
#define SEQ_HEAD_FILE "sequencer/head"
#define SEQ_TODO_FILE "sequencer/todo"
#define SEQ_OPTS_FILE "sequencer/opts"
enum replay_action { REPLAY_REVERT, REPLAY_PICK };
struct replay_insn_list {
enum replay_action action;
struct commit *operand;
struct replay_insn_list *next;
* Removes SEQ_OLD_DIR and renames SEQ_DIR to SEQ_OLD_DIR, ignoring
* any errors. Intended to be used by 'git reset'.
* With the aggressive flag, it additionally removes SEQ_OLD_DIR,
* ignoring any errors. Inteded to be used by the sequencer's
* '--quit' subcommand.
void remove_sequencer_state(int aggressive);
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