@kblok kblok released this Nov 25, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

New Features

  • 6375671 Snapshot the accessibility tree.

New APIs

  • 92cc6c7 Browser.WaitForTargetAsync.
  • e55dc2e CDPSession.CloseReason, Connection.CloseReason.
  • 6bfb270 Camel Case the world. JToken.ToObject<T>(bool camelCase).

Breaking Changes

  • ce7f7a8 Page.Frames now is based on a ConcurrentDictionary. With this change, the Frame order is no longer guaranteed.
  • 5986642 Payload.PostData is now a string (as it was supposed to be).
  • e55dc2e Improve internal exception handling. Now puppeteer-sharp will close the CDPSession or the Connection if puppeteer fails to process a message.
  • 45880a9 BufferAsync should work with binaries.


  • e95a5c3 Roll chromium to r599821.
  • 0f2f632 Don't prematurely disable the CSS domain.
  • 5c999d7 Add missing location property to some key descriptors.
  • 7e57217 Add missing test.
  • 8d41b4f Add flags to improve reliability.
  • 5c7cc1a Handle negative area results in computeQuadArea.