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@kblok kblok released this Mar 3, 2019 · 42 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • c76e244 Introduce Popup event.
  • e1571f6 Add browserUrl option to Puppeteer.ConnectAsync.
  • 3683608 Introduce ConsoleMessage.Location.
  • db2753d Implement support for mouseWheel (Mouse.WheelAsync).
  • 2e59b1e Introduce Page.SetDefaultTimeout.

Breaking Changes

  • 9b1a597 Provide default quality for jpeg screenshots.


  • ae2233f Roll Chromium to r624492
  • 56f1237 Improve async loop in AddConsoleMessage.
  • ff53a36 Relax request matching heuristic.
  • 1d9bd66 Throw on 0x0 screenshots.
  • 21f43f2 Make sure evaluation does not hang in detached iframes.
  • fc66e5d Add failing test for skipping all debugger statements.
  • 3d1816e Ignore console messages from destroyed execution contexts.
  • e6c5528 Flexible ResourceType parse.
  • 7e2a64d Properly disable translate UI.
  • e4f1bd2 Filter out "intervention" header.
  • 58f2b31 Fix repetitive setContent calls.
  • 5139d88 Force color profile.
  • 74deb46 Add test for waitForFunction with cross-process navigation.
  • b1b8982 Make sure headful browser closes with beforeuload page.
  • 2d252a2 Page.WaitForFunctionAsync should work with multiline strings.
  • 1f4a71d Update device descriptors.
  • 2e687fc Round the clip dimensions.
  • 749b9a9 Enable Network Service by default.
  • 9d24cdb Warn on nested js handle.
  • 9cff529 Move to flatten protocol.
  • 0584284 Introduce DOM World.
  • 4271b97 Use secondary DOMWorld to drive page.Select.
  • 7a1de99 Always dispose cancellation token sources.
  • 73f7ea8 Use secondary world to drive clicks.
  • 3c03f62 Sync WaitForSelectorOrXPathAsync code.
  • f33e5fd Teach waitForSelector to return null.
  • 3e08289 Alternative approach to fixing KeyAlreadyAddedException.
  • 69798e4 Fix race condition between disposal and cancellation of CancellationTokenSource.
  • ca42f10 Execute frame.waitFor{Selector,XPath} in secondary world.
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