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@kblok kblok released this Mar 27, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • 54629a6 Response.Headers changed from Dictionary<string, object> to Dictionary<string, string>


  • a11fa94 PdfOptions should be serializable.
  • c428028 Bump chromium to r637110.
  • bddf0fc SetCacheEnable and WaitFor test updates.
  • 64b784e Input and target tests updates.
  • bada611 Emulate and SetUserAgent test updates.
  • 60a0ba6 ShouldEnableOrDisableTheCacheBasedOnTheStatePassed test improvements.
  • 1b6d718 Exclude favicon from tests.
  • c96e89b Disable flaky cookies test.
  • 6e19161 Add failing for test for mobile + cross process navigation.
  • 3bfaf8b RequestPostDataTests tests.
  • cb33496 Update ConsoleMessage.Location comments.
  • 749945c WaitForNavigationTests updates.
  • 4eb1fcd Beforeunload tests updates.
  • 69a129d New connect test.
  • 1bacd6a CloseTests updates.
  • a538fce SetRequestInterceptionTests changes.
  • 06c9932 WaitForTests changes.
  • 75fbb13 ElementHandlePress tests updates.
  • 38089e9 ExposeFunction improvements.
  • d74605d Launcher tests refactor.
  • ea7fc34 Touchscreen tests improvements.
  • 85dac55 Add failing test for bad request interception.
  • b3cb17d Override Permissions tests changes.
  • 26af946 Split out fixtures tests.
  • 2ef86e3 Move some chromium specific tests.
  • bdef51c Keyboards tests.
  • 23a6434 Add page.accessibility.snapshot tests.
  • e71b6e9 Test refactors.
  • 6fe099f Cookies tests improvements.
  • c8e2453 Click and Goto tests refactors.
  • 9398dff Minor test changes.
  • d432f02 Network tests refactor.
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