@kblok kblok released this Sep 1, 2018 · 194 commits to master since this release

New Features

New APIs

  • 07cdbd8 Target.Opener.
  • aa6470f Request.IsNavigationRequest.
  • 1de769f Page.IsClosed.
  • d2abe29 Change accessibilty on Payload.
  • c4b876a Page. ScreenshotBase64Async and ElementHandle.ScreenshotBase64Async.
  • 3298bd4 ElementHandle.QuerySelectorAllHandleAsync.
  • 25bc019 CDPSession.TargetType.
  • 25bc019 Page.WorkerCreated.
  • 25bc019 Page.WorkerDestroyed.
  • 25bc019 Page.Workers.

Breaking Changes

  • 7490355 Disable crash reporting by default.
  • f8b5ff5 Added .ConfigureAwait(false) to each await.
  • e510b19 Change ScreenshotOptions.Quality type.
  • 25bc019 Dropped CDPSession.TargetId.
  • 25bc019 Dropped ExecutionContext.FrameId.
  • 25bc019 Dropped ExecutionContext.IsDefault.


  • 709cefd Chromium updated to r564778.
  • 7ef326b Update PuppeteerSharp.Tests packages versions.
  • 1f0ecbf Launch browser with 'about:blank' by default.
  • 9ad9de3 Respect timeout 0 in Page.waitForFunctionAsync.
  • cdb4c88 Add a missing test for elementHandle.
  • f19813b Pass through "background_page" types.
  • c918744 Ensure first page is created when browser is launched.
  • 31ad5b0 Improve access to files to use true asynchronous methods.
  • 67ac040 Add test that validates that pages open with userDataDir arg.
  • 539a4cf Normalize scrollbars in headful tests.
  • def5803 Disable OOPIF by default.
  • eb0a322 Not pass user options to browser constructor.
  • c043062 Verify ignoreHTTPSErrors works with puppeteer.ConnectAsync.
  • 521ec40 Update ConsoleType.
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