@kblok kblok released this Sep 14, 2018 · 95 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

New Features

  • a2482c8 Support thrown strings and numbers in getExceptionMessage.
  • 93ea816 Implement PageError event from a worker.
  • 69321c0 Click wrapped links support.
  • 36d39a1 Add an option to collect coverage of anonymous scripts.
  • 050325b ElementHandle.IsIntersectingViewportAsync and Offsetclicks.

New APIs

  • cb6cf77 Page.WaitForRequestAsync and Page.WaitForResponseAsync.

Breaking Changes

  • 6162974 Remove throw in case of empty elementHandle.
  • 7b2707a EvaluateFunctionAsync and EvaluateFunctionAsync now will throw and EvaluationFailedException.


  • 6640f5d Roll Chromium to r571375.
  • 04fa70f Migrate exposeFunction from console.debug to Runtime.installBinding.
  • 73f515d Don't pass a reference to the page into frames.
  • 59f9f3c Simplify EmulationManager.
  • c781283 Clarify docs about waitForNavigation.
  • 000dc19 Add new error reasons for request.abort().
  • b4ca3f4 Fix random tests flakiness.
  • acceb52 Test that verifies pptr works with SVG nodes.
  • 7b2707a Nicer protocol error messages.
  • f2e27c7 Add support for target.page for 'backgroud_page'.
  • a3f4175 New devices.
  • 18adf78 Fix race condition in WaitTask.
  • fb4cf11 Make Payload constructor Public.
  • fb4cf11 Fix ContinueAsync payload override.