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Assets 2

New Features

var screenShotOptions = new ScreenshotOptions
    FullPage = true,
    BurstMode = true
await page.GoToAsync("https://www.google.com");
for(var x = 0; x < 100; x++)
    await page.ScreenshotBase64Async(screenShotOptions);
await page.SetBurstModeOffAsync();

New APIs

  • f764ff3 ScreenshotOptions.BurstMode and Page.SetBurstModeOff.
  • 48df933 Browser.Target.
  • 19ad79e ConnectOptions/LaunchOptions.Transport and ConnectionOptions/LaunchOptions.EnqueueTransportMessages.
  • 19ad79e Frame.GoToAsync, Frame.NavigateAsync and Frame.WaitForFrameNavigationAsync

Breaking Changes

Evaluate changes d4c5d05

EvaluateFunctionAsync and EvaluateExpressionAsync won't try to infer the output type when used without generics. It will return a ** JToken** instead.

A piece of code like this:

int x = page.EvaluateExpressionAsync("1");

Will need to be replaced by one of these two options:

int x = page.EvaluateExpressionAsync<int>("1");
int x = page.EvaluateExpressionAsync("1").ToObject<int>();


  • b4801cc Bump the version of chromium to 594312.
  • 81a9653 Add failing test for page.select.
  • 37338c8 Fixed windows fetching.
  • 8a9fbc5 Fix description of SecurityDetails class.
  • f4465f7 Add zero width element test.
  • 94284dc Add missing configure awaits.
  • d20a35d Fix full page screenshot when defaultViewport is null.
  • 1219913 Unify response tracking in page.goto and waitForNavigation.
  • c51fab4 Don't wait for Runtime.Evaluate.
  • 7a5b155 Browser closing/disconnecting should abort navigations.
  • 972cc61 Expect Network.responseReceived event is never dispatched.
  • 8562870 Set JPG background to white when omitBackground option is used.
  • ee4224a Concurrency improvements.
  • 1c7dfcf Check if frame exists before creating a Request.