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Versions/v1.1 #1

wants to merge 52 commits into
base: versions/v1.0


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kblok commented May 25, 2018

No description provided.

aslushnikov and others added some commits Jan 12, 2018

fix: page.goto should support pages with self requests (GoogleChrome#…
…1391) (GoogleChrome#1781)

This patch fixes `page.goto` for websites that re-request document URL with javascript.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1391.
docs( fix missing await in examples (GoogleChrome#1801)
`frame.executionContext()` returns a Promise, so running examples without `await` results in exceptions
docs(troubleshooting): fix a link (GoogleChrome#1845)
It seems without the full URL this link is not rendered correctly.
docs( Fix sample code in API doc (GoogleChrome#1821)
Because `Request.url` is changed to `Request.url()`.
feat(Page): introduce Page.waitForXPath (GoogleChrome#1767)
This patch:
- introduces `page.waitForXPath` method
- introduces `frame.waitForXPath` method
- amends `page.waitFor` to treat strings that start with `//` as xpath queries.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1757.
feat: add slowMo option to puppeteer.connect (GoogleChrome#1864)
This patch introduces a `slowMo` option to the `puppeteer.connect` method. The option
is similar to the one in `puppeteer.launch` and is used to slow down the connection.
chore: switch to npm from yarn (GoogleChrome#1878)
This patch:
- migrates CI to use NPM
- drops lockfiles (`yarn.lock`). Lockfiles are ignored by package
  managers when the package is installed as a dependency, so this makes CI closer to the 
  installation our clients run.
fix(Page): fix behavior to be on par with docs (GoogleC…

This PR fixes lost functionality that is no longer on-par with the documentation for ``, namely:

> `...values` <...string> Values of options to select. If the `<select>` has the `multiple` attribute, all values are considered, **otherwise only the first one is taken into account**.

I've also added an accompanying test for this use case.
feat(Frame): add Frame.evaluateHandle (GoogleChrome#1885)
This patch adds Frame.evaluateHandle method. The method is a shortcut
for frame.executionContext().evaluateHandle.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1051
test: teach test reporter to highlight test stackframe on failures. (G…

This patch teaches reporter to highlight test stack frame on
test failures.
feat(Chromium): roll to r533271 (GoogleChrome#1938)
This roll includes:
- DevTools: fix Referer header handling in
  net interceptor

References GoogleChrome#469.
fix: allow timeouts of be 0 (GoogleChrome#1964)
This patch fixes timeouts for `puppeteer.launch` and `page.waitForFunction`
to be `0`.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1960 .
feat(Frame): add click(), focus(), hover(), tap() and type() (GoogleC…

This patch adds frame shortcuts to drive input:
- ``
- `Frame.focus()`
- `Frame.hover()`
- `Frame.tap()`
- `Frame.type()`

aslushnikov and others added some commits Feb 5, 2018

feat(Response): add Response.fromCache / Response.fromServiceWorker (G…

This patch:
- introduces `test/assets/cached` folder and teaches server to cache
  all the assets from the folder
- introduces `test/assets/serviceworkers` folder that stores all the
  service workers and makes them register with unique URL prefix
- introduces `Response.fromCache()` and `Response.fromServiceWorker()`

Fixes GoogleChrome#1551.
feat: Introduce BrowserFetcher class (GoogleChrome#1983)
This patch introduces `BrowserFetcher` class that manages
downloaded versions of products.

This patch:
- shapes Downloader API to be minimal yet usable for our needs. This
  includes removing such methods as `Downloader.supportedPlatforms` and
- makes most of the fs-related methods in Downloader async. The only
  exception is the `Downloader.revisionInfo`: it has stay sync due to the
  `pptr.executablePath()` method being sync.
- updates `install.js` and `utils/check_availability.js` to use new API
- finally, renames `Downloader` into `BrowserFetcher`

Fixes GoogleChrome#1748.
docs(README): Correcting Chrome dependency size (GoogleChrome#1946)
This patch corrects chromium binary size in
feat(Page): add `setCacheEnabled(enabled)` to Page object (GoogleChro…

This change adds in the `Page.setCacheEnabled(enabled)` method to toggle ignoring cache for each request.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1556.
chore: Spelling and Markdown Consistency (GoogleChrome#1998)
- Adding missing language tags to markdown code blocks.
- Fixed various spelling mistakes my IDE complained to me about.
Fix: Remove key codes from _pressedKeys Set after keyboard.up() is ca…
…lled (GoogleChrome#1928)

keyboard.down() and keyboard.up() both use the _pressedKeys Set, however keyboard.down() adds and searches for the key code, whereas keyboard.up() attempts to delete based on the key rather than the key code.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1901
feat(Network): introduce response.securityDetails() method (GoogleChr…

This patch:
- introduces `SecurityDetails` class that exposes a set of fields that describe properties of secure connection
- introduces method `response.securityDetails()` that returns an instance of `SecurityDetails` object.
feat(ExecutionContext): introduce ExecutionContext.frame() (GoogleChr…

This patch introduces ExecutionContext.frame() that returns Frame
associated with this Execution Context.

This allows to associate console messages with the originating frame,
if any.
feat(Chromium): roll Chromium to r536395 (GoogleChrome#2024)
This roll includes:
- - DevTools: allow remote debugging chrome over pipe instead of the port.
fix(Network): fulfill security details for response redirects (Google…

This patch:
- starts fulfilling security details for redirect responses
- changes `response.securityDetails()` to return null if the response
  is served over non-secure connection
feat(appMode): support pipes for appMode (GoogleChrome#2032)
This patch starts using pipes as a transport to
the browser instance instead of websocket.
feat(Targets): expose browser target (GoogleChrome#2036)
This patch exposes "browser" target to the list of targets.

@kblok kblok closed this Jun 13, 2018

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