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Versions/v1.2 #2

wants to merge 39 commits into
base: versions/v1.1


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kblok commented Jun 28, 2018

No description provided.

aslushnikov and others added some commits Feb 16, 2018

feat(Chromium): roll Chromium to r538022 (GoogleChrome#2072)
This roll includes:
- - using HINTING_FULL by default in headless builds, added command line parameter to override it
fix(Connection): swallow all the ws errors after connection's closed (G…

Since ws is closing asynchronously and can yield errors while closing,
we should keep swallowing ws errors after the `ws.close()` method
is called.
fix(Launcher): fix dumpio bug (GoogleChrome#2071)
This patch fixes `dumpio` launcher option.

Fixes GoogleChrome#2046
feat: elHandle:screenshot captures full element (GoogleChrome#1787)
feat: make ElementHandle.screenshot work with large elements

This patch increases the viewport size if the element is bigger than

Fixes GoogleChrome#1779
feat(ElementHandle): implement ElementHandle.contentFrame() (GoogleCh…

This patch adds ElementHandle.contentFrame() method that allows
to get a reference to the Frame owned by the iframe.

Fixes GoogleChrome#433.
chore: bump v1.1.1-post (GoogleChrome#2095)
This patch bumps tip-of-tree version to v1.1.1-post so that puppeteer@next doesn't break once we release v1.1.1 with a fix for `dumpio`
chore: refactor Browser.js into seperate files (GoogleChrome#2097)
This patch splits Browser.js into multiple separate files.
feat(Page): introduce url at error message at page.goto (GoogleChrome…

Now the error message will come with the url where the error was

Fixes GoogleChrome#2165.
chore(CI): fix node.js version on Travis and AppVeyor (GoogleChrome#2180

AppVeyour was configured to use the latest versions of Node for major releases. To make builds more reproducible I've changed both Travis and AppVeyor to use the same fixed versions of Node 6 and Node 7 that AppVeyor is using at the moment.
chore(CI): add experimental Cirrus CI (GoogleChrome#2181)
This patch adds experimental support for Cirrus CI builds.
Cirrus CI has both Windows and Linux, uses google cloud and runs builds
in Docker containers.

This seems to be a promising combination for our needs.
docs(README): Add's page.removeListener to Page class examples (Googl…

This patch adds `page.removeListener` to Page class examples
feat(FrameManager): add type=module to addScriptTag (GoogleChrome#2090)
This patch adds a new "type" option to the `addScriptTag` method that
allows adding "module" tags to the page.

Fixes GoogleChrome#2078
test: fix serviceWorker test flakiness (GoogleChrome#2195)
This patch starts waiting on serviceWorker registration.
test: fix Matcher.toEqual to not depend on key insertion order (Googl…

Objects `{foo: 1, bar: 2}` and `{bar: 2, foo: 1}` should be considered

aslushnikov and others added some commits Mar 15, 2018

fix(node6): fix one line await arrow functions GoogleChrome#2198
When the start of the function body was await, the async function transformer behaves
non-deterministically and can break.
feat(Chromium): roll chromium to r543305 (GoogleChrome#2196)
This roll contains a [fix]( for boundingBox not forcing a layout, and the patch contains a corresponding test.
test: eliminate racy pattern in multiple tests (GoogleChrome#2202)
This patch eliminates a race pattern we've been using in a bunch
of tests.
feat(Network): implement request.redirectChain() api (GoogleChrome#2194)
The request.redirectChain() returns all the requests issued to fetch
the resource.

Fixes GoogleChrome#1816.
fix(Launcher): killing a process can throw (GoogleChrome#2102)
In case chrome process was terminated manually, killing the process
might throw 'no process with such pid' exception.

@kblok kblok closed this Jun 29, 2018

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