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Symfony Grunt Edition

This is a Symfony Edition that replaces Assetic with a grunt configuration. I have some taken some liberties based on my development style. When doing frontend development, I don't like waiting for some kind of watch task. I like my updates to be instant. This edition allows for your frontend assets to be linked to the source in development and linked to the minified version in production.


  • npm
  • bower (sudo npm install -g bower)
  • grunt (sudo npm install -g grunt-cli)


> composer install
> bower install
> npm install
> grunt

Grunt Tasks

  • clean: removes web/_static contents
  • jshint: detect errors in your javascipt
  • uglify: minify your javascipt
  • cssmin: minify your css
  • modernizr: install/configure modernizr based on your javascript files\
  • (default): runs all the above


To configure the assets for you project, add them to app/config/assets.json. Both Symfony2 and grunt use this configuration.

Summary of changes from the Symfony Standard Edition

New Files

  • bower.json: bower package configuration
  • .bowerrc: bower configuration to install frontend assets to web/vendor
  • package.json: npm package configuration (for grunt)
  • app/config/assets.json: global asset configuration
  • app/config/config.php: sets a Symfony2 parameter based on the above assets.json configuration
  • gruntfile.js: configures grunt, assets for minification are pulled from the above assets.json
  • web/css/main.css/web/js/script.js: test assets

Modified Files

  • app/config/config.yml: added twig global variable app_assets which is set to the parameter set in config.php
  • app/Resources/views/base.html.twig: modified the stylesheets and javascripts block to load these assets based on the above app_assets configuration (app.debug=true: source is used, app.debug=false: min is used)

Other Changes

  • Removed Assetic
  • Simplifed DemoBundle
  • Removed bootstrap.php.cache - use composer's --optimize-autoloader option