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[symfony plugin] Adds the ability to translate strings found with i18n:extract via Google Translation API.
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Adds a task which extends sfI18nExtractTask (i18n:extract). The task has all the functionality/options as its base task but instead of leaving a blank string for the target it uses the Google translation API to translate the source.

Google's translation API doesn't always give proper grammar and messes up symbols. It is always best to double check and possibly correct your translations.

This task works with both XLIFF and gettext catalog stores. I have not tried any others.


php_curl extension

How to Use

Install the plugin.

Use the task i18n:extract-translate the same way you would use i18n:extract. When the --auto-save options is set the catalog is created with the target string translated.

Example 1

php symfony i18n:extract-translate --auto-save frontend fr

The task as an additional option: --force-all. This options forces the translation of all strings, not just the new ones. Caution this will overwrite existing translations. The --auto-save options is not needed when --force-all is enabled.

Example 2

php symfony i18n:extract-translate --force-all frontend fr

Refer to the documentation for i18n:extract for information on the other options and arguments.

Feel free to contact me with any bugs/suggestions.

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