A small batch file used to automate the startup and running of jQuery TestSwarm tests.
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Automated Test Swarm Client - Windows

This is a small project to setup a batch file to automate the startup of all local browsers on a Windows machine and then set the machine to restart after 4 hours.

There is some machine configuration that needs to take place in order to use this script.

  1. All of the browser home pages need to be set to the TestSwarm user page so that the tests start running immediately. For example, http://swarm.jquery.org/user/kborchers/.
  2. Depending on your setup, you may need to add paths to the browser executables parent folder, to the PATH environment variable. I had to add the path to Opera but all of the others worked without additional config.
  3. The batch file needs to be placed in the Startup folder so that it runs when the machine starts and is run everyt time the script reboots the machine