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[ "Did you see revolution's pad? not yet? it will be a revolution system"
, "Boom! Did you are unimpressed? and now?"
, "To can create a great boom, Nintendo needs to create a poor boom to can counterattack again and impress all their nintendo fans."
, "Unlike all you, I'm waiting to see the great boom! The mistery will be revealed and it is on the Revolution's controller pad."
, "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
, "We automated a site recently and several jquery's came to using a core engine of jquery 1.3.2"
, "What does the core engine do? Should one core be OK for all jquery's? "
, "When I tried to use one base core, but the functionality didn't work. So far I haven't had a problem."
, "My site is completely unavailable because of you! You bitch!"
, "What is this, I don't even..."
, "If I choose lots of files tactics, then I become to have directory traversal security problem?"
, "Given the climate of the current JS developer community I believe jQuery to be the best fit given the climate of the industry."
, "Using jQuery with XY&Z helps to facilitate learning as the problems are already divided and isolated."
, "jQuery in my opinion meets the masses where the masses are."
, "Do I wish everyone understood the tools that dojo provides."
, "What they are looking for a technology or wa Selbs treniren Nich is difficult, but time and wünche, each brings him purely what they are looking for."
, "Although div does not work in many older web browsers, it works in recent versions of popular web browsers"
, "If i use jquery in noconflict plugin will work fine as $?"
, "Even before this, you are actually going to use that anyone would want to make more?"
, "How can i use this to select from which element the function was called?"
, "we can meetup at a cigarbar and smoke a couple fat cubans unless your not into that"
, "The new icon changes your desktop look really professional!"
, "Because in \"normal\" js is only getElementById which even not working well no normal getElementByClass"
, "For some reason this doesn't sign in when I barely start using it and when i try to go to it and it isn't signed it, I can't sign in on that page."
, "can i use document.write to call a json"
, "once you understand it will be a red head to wash with dirty waters.. no problem enjoy"
, "life is hard... be alive is funny... sufferin for other happyness is a non sense"
, "is it possible to a object of swfobject render itself?"
, "if a jQuery getter is called andthen chained, does the second function call not call end() on the previous getter to find the previous selection?"
, "You guys succeed on this way. Abobe gave up in this. You are armed."
, "Hy just wondering if you had ever made any images with those tick boxes i.e portrait would look great."
, "when tried doing this with ajax, i found the styles and checkboxes would appear no more even when the respective css,js files are included in php file called via ajax"
, "Is these a bug?"
, "whats happening is this thing happened i guess"
, "security wize i think new international policy witha task team loging in through microsoft network requerments a net licence will fix most of the criminal activity on line and think interpole should b inv"
, "is their a polite way of saying your ignorant ajpiano"
, "Why doesn'y apache compile my jquerry?"
, "i've my css out. but JS i dont. and i dont knwo why. tell me why. whats wrong about js in a html."
, "I do believe that everything in the article does in fact still quality as writing JSON."
, "U wld prefer \"Immediately-Invoked fcn Expression\" I believe I cn accommodate U...but...a tech edit wld B welcomed 2"
, "Ruby IRC bot don't works, What are i'm doing wrong?"
, "i want so event happen example a click on div this functiion to take pls"
, "Detect of current browser like server's method"
, "Hi, You may add \"ajax history\" future to jQuery. Best regards."
, "It means that you can devote a your page, to those who do have JS turned on. I.e. only those with JS turned-on to call the function."
, "my object contained methods wich evoked a \"cannot read undefined of undefined\" when Pushstate()"
, "is there a way to charge a plugin inside the main file?"
, "i have noticed there are many plugins that sometime i could need"
, "open a ticket? because problem is known"
, "disable error tracking for try..catch is a must? is there an other way for me? :("
, "insert an if (!parent) return; on every version? :p no i dont want that"
, "you know the problem, but can't reproduce it? ok i can make a fiddle for you"
, "IE has made the world of js libraries had to resort to things like that"
, "how to properly load/get a the html select code when the only available way is html not json for later appendit to an select element?"
, "do you have Red hat linux open? Or CentOS you got? same Chrome and Chromium, which is alternatively Google decides in there Chrome"
, "Ok, best is to wait and see, where is the wind direction showing."
, "After search on the Internet for almost one day, FINALLY I have the best solution to do this: Resize a dive to full page size!! Thanks you great work!!!"
, "Hi guys? i've posted it on forum, but nobody care, copy bug here why behaviour of"
, "i've tested and same behavior in Dojo, ExtJS, Mootools ... your antispam system sux"
, "you actually understand jquery code? You are on the same level as John Resig????"
, "oh, yeah that wouldn't be, if not deliminated"
, "But using the FOR to verify if the DOM is visible or not is the better way to waiting until DOM is not be visible ? I thought has might have..."
, "i want the same navigation to backwards when clicks on left side"
, "when you do enterprise level work, MVC is 95% ALWAYS best"
, "I fetched O(arbitrary) HTML/CSS/JS in 2 HTTP RTTs, lolz"
, "how you see pual_irish these are these online?"
, "HTML5, CSS and DOM, are not the format that designers can use yet, many people still have the explorer 7 or 8. Besides why do you choose DOM?."
, "It seems that $.aug that is just bonzo.aug doesn't work. I $.aug with a new method, and it is just unavailable."
, "hi.. i want to add flash video using html5?how?"
, "HTML5 will have some capabilities within the language to support Flash-like functionality"
, "Inside this file I use sepcialised hacks to choose only one of both IE if needed."
, "I have 2 jquerry file , nd i want to pass the argumnet to another jquery filw thwn they can do some operation"
, "Hey, there's the word java in javascript, so that should guarantee the performance, right?"
, "even if he has drinken quite a few bears i think he cannot even jquery from a database"
, "Internet explorer must die, its a plague sent to kill netscape but it also poisoned internet!"
, "well they're ya go :)"
, "blabling hahaha that thatthat is talkin"
, "i sold everything startomg a new lifw"
, "now ny problem is each time this alert show me as \"[object Object]\". what it means. m i doing something wrong...??please help"
, "That would be a matter for the appropriate authorities to decide upon once a formal referral has been."
, "i create a div background with jquery event but me all is clickable not just left and right"
, "you shouldn't use straight JS and jQuery simultaneously, btw, unless you really know what you're doing"
, "you don't disagree, yet your custom control structures are awesome finish trumps that demurral, right?"
, "i wonder why people even use forms when they ajax anymore"
, "I'm tired of neotokyo always being destroyed everytime tetsuo debugs his JS."
, "very good, my iBooks 1.2 has Rapunzel getting a Brazilian!"
, "toLowerCase not work good"
, "I am wonder about the procedure, how to do, if I have checked checkbox, so how to disable to user unchecked this checkbox.."
, "I made jQuery restrict mode clean and I think I found a tiny bug doing so"
, "i dont know which folder i just FTPed into but its an empty one in after FTP"
, "grr i just want that number that shows in the alert to be where the i is below it in the has"
, "50% users use IE and out of this 50% users 80% uses IE6 and want design in HTML5 and w3school valid."
, "They seem to be moving backward in this retrospect."
, "Form no works with jquey , result from php no right , spaces generate problem"
, "when we make decision that affect another live how much more complicated thing become"
, "so i am now geting back into the risk thing we were working on i think we could wrap move it along to the end if we either got together which i would like anyway and would perfer to do it any day but fri if possible how does your schedule look"
, "if value took a function it could act like a finalize stage which would be nice for calculating averages after a map is called."
, "hello all, what sort of arbitrary socket access (accept on any specified port, send out to arbitrary ips/ports) is available security and library wise nowadays in a JS client in browser?"
, "Here someone else make programming jobs?"
, "how send remote alert via jquery? seen on slideshare :/ need to persist"
, "The CSS goes ok, but the jQuery doesn't with the PHP $strings."
, "I am having a jsp that contains a jquery tab and inside tab i am having a custom search component on clicking the component a grid will open and it will act as an overlay and i used this plugin to close the grid if the user clicks outside the gridis working perfectly in all other element click other than jquery tab selection component"
, "yeah i wear on my left but i cant wear ladies watch cause of to much electricity so i wear huge ac/dc watch is cool."
, "when you click a image it move a list up .. how can I make this but while the image is push .. while they wont let go of the press in?"
, "But when you have got the truth from the DOM and used it, you can also discard the truth"
, "in jquery is not unusual. Moreover, as I studied the 2D maps in my repertoire. If that's not even numbers"
, "I learn web pages, but I can't write JS, each time can let me collapse, but I like web page, can help me to write a can control in all browsers in PNG can show transparency?"
, "so why Dojo are blocking the tinymce ? no it appear the buttons from tinymce but the i cant write nothing"
, "how do i make a rewrite if the url is exactly something to rewrite it? in web.config"
, "yes, that is doing it, how strange i just came myself with a solution also :) but your solution is more good"
, "Make things simpler. Too many complicated API. like JavaScript(it is reall shit not a langueg or Script). Web programming is like jongel and not very productive."
, "does not works"
, "Once again, we see Microsoft continue to be an innovator, from this to innerHTML, to XMLHttpRequest, to all of the HTML5 stuff that'll be in IE8. When will Firefox, Safari and Opera just give up and use IE as the default engine?"
, "we found some delay and error happenning when we do trickplay or move the cursor on play bar a lot of times in a certain period of time in harsh condition"
, "java-script is both object-oriented and functional, so you try to start up and get some blank cds, get the fuck over it, im sure they can help me to understand because in \"modern\" religion of gods without define or knowable form, like the brilliant mastermind he is."
, "When programming in javascript, use a stealth boy and steal everything."
, "BTW there's a QtSql tutorial here that covers opening a db and using QSqlTableModel, etc. If js's decided you aren't worth shit."
, "C students in stronger algorithm theory mush as functional languages do. JS too imature ATM but it will catch up :D"
, "Is jquery asking cpu power for the server?"
, "if i save vars in a click event and trigger a change event in the click event, can i commit this vars in the change event?"
, "is it possible to write server in json?"
, "man i really tought the business of JS was to call function"
, "How can make this mutually exclusive using a jquery? Please help"
, "give me the fucking unban i you can break forever"
, "Save a backup copy of your program’s source code in case your sponsor’s dog eats your X drive"
, "It would be the worse business decision anybody has made ever, and when a huge success their customers questioned for integrity."
, "i am not an programator, i dont have one :)"
, "If code right people never know it is there."
, "We don't know who you are, but we known who you are."
, "So.. you jQuery guys creating pure JS functions for further reuse in $? I am really concern about future of the web."
, "Please do the needful."
, "If everyone who gets value from this account and mylib donates $5.00, our holiday fundraiser would be over today. :) #js #notjquery"
, "If your line length is hurt because of nesting Then that is because your doing it wrong."
, "will re-writing a table cause browsers to loose access to \"this\" when inside of a cluck function ?"