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This repository contains AeroGear's central documents, wiki pages, roadmaps, and other related project material. Specific component documentation (such as aerogear.js docs) are located within that repository for single point of reference. This repository also contains a centralized build for creation of a single document distribution for the entire project.

All of our documentation is either in standard MarkDown, or AsciiDoc format for consistency.

Top Level Document Folders

  • /guides
    • Tutorials, gettings started docs, how-tos
  • /planning
    • Project roadmaps, plans, etc...
  • /reference
    • Central project reference material (may not be needed)
  • /scratchpad
    • Misc scraps, notes, works in progress, etc...

Central Build Instructions

TODO Define a central build mechanism, starting with aergear.js.

Updating, Contributing Documentation

One of the great things about having our project documentation in git, and in this form is how easy it is to update and contribute to. Please see for more information on how to get involved with AeroGear's documentation.