Toolbar and menu plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap.
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PhoneGap Plugin for Native Menus

Add a native ToolBar, TabBar, or Menu to a PhoneGap platform.


The phonegap-plugin-menu provides an HTML interface to define a menu types. Each PhoneGap platform will then render the appropriate native menu from the HTML.

The implementation is loose polyfill of the W3C HTMLMenuElement / HTMLCommandElement Specification.

Platform Support

  • Android
  • BlackBerry WebWorks
  • iOS


<menu type="toolbar" label="Tweets">
    <command label="Back" icon="img/back.png" disabled="false" action="Page.back();" accesskey="back" />
    <command label="New"  icon="img/new.png"  disabled="false" action=";"  accesskey="" />

<menu type="context">
    <command label="Tweets"  icon="bubble.png"  disabled="false" action="Page.tweets();"  accesskey="" />
    <command label="Replies" icon="reply.png"   disabled="false" action="Page.replies();" accesskey="" />
    <command label="Search"  icon="search.png"  disabled="false" action=";"  accesskey="search" />
    <command label="Profile" icon="profile.png" disabled="false" action="Page.profile();" accesskey="" />

Install from Download

  1. Download the latest release from phonegap-plugin-menu Downloads Page.
  2. Extract the release
  3. For your platform, read INSTALL
    • /android/INSTALL
    • /blackberry/INSTALL
    • /desktop/INSTALL
    • /ios/INSTALL

Install from Source

  1. Clone or download the source code
  2. Change into the source code directory
  3. Run make to view the available options
  4. Run make dist
  5. Follow Install from Download instructions


Menus and commands are represented purely in HTML. You can customize the menu and commands using changes their HTML attributes.

<menu> API

<menu type="toolbar">

Create a toolbar menu.

  • Android: Treats toolbar as a context menu.
  • BlackBerry: Treat toolbar as a context menu.
  • iOS: Creates a native ToolBar. The PhoneGap webview is repositioned below the toolbar.

<menu type="context">

Create a context menu. This menu is typically invoked by the device's menu button.

  • Android: Creates an Android menu that is invoked by the menu button.
  • BlackBerry: Creates a BlackBerry menu that is invoked by the menu button.
  • iOS: Creates a native TabBar. The PhoneGap webview is repositioned above the TabBar.

<menu label="Home">

Add a title to the menu. The title will behave differently for a type="toolbar" and type="context" menu.

  • Android: Ignored because context menus do not have titles.
  • BlackBerry: Ignored because context menus do not have titles.
  • iOS: A title is added to the ToolBar but ignored for the TabBar.

<command> API

<command label="toolbar">

Add a title to a command button.

<command icon="context">

Add an icon image to a command button.

<command disabled="true">

Enable or disabled a command button.

  • Android: Disabled commands are hidden.
  • BlackBerry: Disabled commands are hidden.
  • iOS: Disabled commands are faded.

<command action="Home">

Attach callback function or JavaScript expression to a command.

Inline HTML can use a JavaScript expression such as:

<command action="someGlobalFunction();">
<command action="console.log('hello'); console.log('world');">

JavaScript can attach callback functions as such:

// get a handle to a command element
var cmd = document.getElementById('someCommandId');

// anonymous function
cmd.setAttribute('action', function() {
    console.log('hello from an anonymous function!');

// function handle
var callback = function() {
    console.log('hello from a callback function!');

cmd.setAttribute('action', callback);

JavaScript API

Similar to other HTML elements, you can create and manipulate <menu> and <command> using JavaScript.

// <menu type="toolbar">
//     <command label="Home" />
// </menu>

var menu = document.createElement('menu');
menu.setAttribute('type', 'toolbar');

var command = document.createElement('command');
command.setAttribute('label', 'Home');
command.setAttribute('action', function() {

// Refresh all menus



Call to re-render all menus.

Menus are not automatically updated for performance considerations.

  • DOM Mutation Events can affect performance.
  • Polling is inefficient for how often a menu is updated.

Want to contribute?

Report or fix an issue

We use GitHub Issues

By the way, you rock! Thanks for helping us improve phonegap-plugin-menu!

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome!

We appreciate the use of topic branches.

git checkout -b issue_23

# code

git commit -m "Issue 23: Fix a bad bug."

git push origin issue_23

# send pull request from branch issue_23 to nitobi:master