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all: help
@echo "NAME"
@echo " Build & Run Plugin"
@echo " Easily build and run the plugin."
@echo "SYNOPSIS"
@echo " make COMMAND"
@echo "COMMANDS"
@echo " dist ......... Generate plugin distribution for all platforms."
@echo " release ...... Generate an archive (zip) using the latest tag."
@echo " android ...... Build & run example app for Android."
@echo " blackberry ... Build & run example app for BlackBerry 5/6."
@echo " desktop ...... Build & run example app for Desktop."
@echo " ios .......... Build & run example app for iOS."
@echo "USAGE"
@echo " make dist ...... Only generate plugin distribution files."
@echo " make desktop ... Build example application and run on Desktop."
android: clean dist example
blackberry: clean dist example
desktop: clean dist example
ios: clean dist example
@echo "--------------"
@echo " Distribution"
@echo "--------------"
@echo " => /build/distribution/"
release: dist
cd ./build/distribution; zip -rq phonegap-plugin-menu-v`git describe --tags master`.zip .
mkdir -p ./build/release
mv ./build/distribution/*.zip ./build/release
@echo "---------"
@echo " Release"
@echo "---------"
@echo " => /build/release/phonegap-plugin-menu-v`git describe --tags master`.zip"
.SILENT: all help example test dist release android blackberry desktop ios clean