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A permalink for your MIT License

I always forget to add an MIT-license.txt file to my projects, so I wanted to link to a single resource that would always be up to date and would always have my details online.

But why keep this to myself, so it's on github for your fork and pulling pleasure.

Now I can always include in all my projects which links rem (the cname) against my copyright holder name Remy Sharp - all stored in the users directory.


The users directory contains a list of files, each representing a host on As present the file format is very simple, but can be upgraded in future.

Create a new file and give it the name of the CNAME you want (in my case it's rem.json). This file contains a JSON object containing at least a copyright property:

  "copyright": "Remy Sharp,"

Means I can now link to: and it will show my license name (note that the date will always show the current year).

In addition to the copyright property, if you want to make a link from the copyright text, you can include a url property:

  "copyright": "Remy Sharp,",
  "url": ""

Finally you can also include a license version target in the JSON file as explained in the next section.

License version targeting

License version targeting allows you to link your MIT license to a specific revision in this project - therefore fixing it permanently to a specific license text.

Though I don't expect the license text to change ever, this is just some extra assurance for you.

Targeting requires the sha from the license commit. This can be specified on the URL (in your permalink) or in the JSON file.

For example: (make sure to view-source) shows an older version of comments inline to the HTML document (compared to the latest version).

This can also be targeted in my JSON file:

  "copyright": "Remy Sharp,",
  "url": "",
  "version": "a526rbf7"

Note that if no version is supplied, the latest copy of the LICENSE.html will be displayed with your information included.