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hakimel and others added some commits Aug 13, 2013

Merge pull request #564 from tomByrer/patch-1
MathJax CDN links for HTTPS & versions

hakimel and others added some commits Nov 26, 2013

Simpler default syntax for markdown attributes.
- on slides: .slide x=y
- on elements: .element x=y

Those are detected in html comment, in order to not be visible
if a markdown is edited in an html editor.
test-markdown-attributes.*, new default separator
- Reformat.
- Change default separator test 'slide: x=y'
test-markdown-element-attributes: formats and test.
- Reformat
- Use new default separator format: '.element: x=y'
- Add new tests for testing that default format mentions the new default separators.
- new default separator for slide attributes
- new default separator for element attributes
Illustrate both, in html comments.
The index.html page had the simple theme listed twice. The duplicate …
…was removed.

For the Moon and Solarized themes they had .css appended to them which was causing them to not come up.

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kborchers Feb 24, 2014


I'm pretty sure you didn't want to send this PR here.


kborchers commented Feb 24, 2014

I'm pretty sure you didn't want to send this PR here.

@kborchers kborchers closed this Feb 24, 2014

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