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Devnexus 2014 #1

wants to merge 491 commits into from

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hakimel and others added some commits
@hakimel hakimel comments and failesafes for #531 3901904
@hakimel hakimel make mathjax host a config option, revamp script loading, fragment ex…
…amples #531
@hakimel hakimel remove unused code e7ee885
@hakimel hakimel add isReady method to check reveal.js loaded state 7121858
@hakimel hakimel mathjax plugin updates #531 b17e285
@hakimel hakimel add util method for applying css transforms 6c0dc63
@hakimel hakimel add initial slide dom setup pass ac3f021
@hakimel hakimel refactor js, more natural order of startup methods ead85fd
@hakimel hakimel remove pointless .call() 2bed583
@hakimel hakimel start work on logic for fitting an element to remaining slide height #… fecee26
@hakimel hakimel further work on remaining-height helper #244 #490 #561 0239302
@hakimel hakimel fix retrieval of computed styles in ff 3c5f3ee
@hakimel hakimel prevent invalid slidechanged on page load 3dc53b8
@hakimel hakimel allow hiding of vertical slide stacks 271bae6
@hakimel hakimel rename math plugin config option c985323
@hakimel hakimel document math plugin 300acb5
@hakimel hakimel math plugin doc update 62049d1
@hakimel hakimel readme adjustment 6fba833
@hakimel hakimel ensure that syntax highlighted code works with remaining-height helper 6f1dfee
@hakimel hakimel revised remaining height layout logic 04c4fa4
@hakimel hakimel renamed .remaining-height to .stretch #244 #490 #561 0748b68
@hakimel hakimel remove commented out dependencies from index 74a5fb9
@tomByrer tomByrer + MathJax CDN links for HTTPS & versions 1c45b73
@hakimel hakimel Merge pull request #564 from tomByrer/patch-1
MathJax CDN links for HTTPS & versions
@hakimel hakimel make sure stretch works with video 0a02184
@hakimel hakimel add docs about stretch class 2a8f742
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'dev' of into dev 006e9e2
@hakimel hakimel typo fix d3ac8e2
@hakimel hakimel disable interaction on future/past slides f56a10b
@hakimel hakimel remove needless metadata from math plugin example 5cd088c
@hakimel hakimel merge support for notes when using external markdown 631a237
@hakimel hakimel readme update for notes in external markdown 2da7c3e
@hakimel hakimel Merge pull request #567 from hakimel/dev
@hakimel hakimel mathjax readme tweak 90a8ca4
@hakimel hakimel leap motion doc tweaks 55d3aea
@hakimel hakimel 2.6.0 8d7e93c
@hakimel hakimel add unit tests #123 c7728ba
@hakimel hakimel add qunit grunt dependency a7b348e
@hakimel hakimel fix bug where isLastSlide sometimes incorrectly returned false f61ee9a
@hakimel hakimel include info about which slide the assertion applies to d49ff9a
@hakimel hakimel more tests, use stricEqual and deepEqual assertions where appropriate #… c01e1b6
@hakimel hakimel more tests, enable test page scroll overflow #123 45fd91f
@hakimel hakimel more tests #123 b3db697
@hakimel hakimel run unit tests as part of grunt build and ci 502b26e
@hakimel hakimel add test for loop setting 5cf4956
@hakimel hakimel make sure isVerticalSlide doesn't throw npe a0501a3
@hakimel hakimel move examples into test/ 2440e19
@hakimel hakimel test coverage for fragments 798fbc3
@hakimel hakimel pause mode tests f215528
@hakimel hakimel update markdown plugin formatting to match reveal.js core b968dfe
@hakimel hakimel standardize way of declaring functions 4350c00
@hakimel hakimel more markdown plugin refactoring 1c5da37
@hakimel hakimel markdown refactoring; comments, renamed functions, shorter argument l…
@hakimel hakimel add test task, avoid attempt to run tests in unrelated html files 1c8fd60
@hakimel hakimel always use 'i' as iterator 7e62993
@hakimel hakimel include dev flag in version d62093c
@hakimel hakimel fix bug where markdown notes in last slide would not parse #574 571fb67
@hakimel hakimel update to latest version of highlight theme #576 cf8b004
@hakimel hakimel minor refactoring of overview code e9b0f5b
@hakimel hakimel markdown refactoring #507 d9c9474
@hakimel hakimel prep markdown test suite bba5a5d
@hakimel hakimel syntax fix in code example 8a76187
@hakimel hakimel configure notes window presentations to hide needless UI a0f0371
@tlevine tlevine list more themes 4ce5c75
@ziggystar ziggystar fix: links not working when controls are disabled 8a46839
@hakimel hakimel update grunt and node dependency versions 4251c5c
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'master' of into dev 932a6e0
@hakimel hakimel update progress bar to hide/show using same type of rules as controls 7cd4af8
@hakimel hakimel enable hiding of address bar for ios chrome #582 2578fdd
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'list-themes' of in…
…to dev
@hakimel hakimel reorder themes #584 a3e6c95
@haf haf supporting same languages as highlight.js 6f5ed2f
@hakimel hakimel fix issue with notes on last slide of external markdown #589 ef9168c
@hakimel hakimel markdown plugin can now process slides that are added at runtime c453bc4
@thcipriani thcipriani Fix IE10 vertical slide perspective 0f79903
@hakimel hakimel rebuild css after merging #591 into dev 7934090
@michalsmolinski michalsmolinski Added parallax scrolling background 2b5c06c
@michalsmolinski michalsmolinski Fix: no parallax scrolling in FF
Fixed problem with parallax background  not working under FF
@mrshu mrshu Add option to Gruntfile.js to specify server port b8efad0
@hakimel hakimel make hiding of address bar configurable 041a525
@hakimel hakimel make sure remotes works without notes plugin being loaded #607 a3f10e0
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'patch-1' of 73bfb87
@hakimel hakimel add note about port #608 ba20df4
Donald R. Huettl prevent unintended slide change event
This prevents the upcoming slide on the notes page from triggering
slidechanged events.  I believe this fixes issue 578, as well.
@hakimel hakimel update comment c28e023
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'master' of 1fb85d4
@hakimel hakimel add contribution guidelines 9cf7de5
@hakimel hakimel merge parallax into dev, remove default image #595 2fc0dfa
@hakimel hakimel update code style to match rest of reveal.js, disable parallax by def…
…ault #595
@hakimel hakimel move parallax code to separate method #595 8399e82
@hakimel hakimel update the parallax background when the window resizes #595 36061b4
@hakimel hakimel use 'url()'-free path when specifying parallax image, refactor so tha…
…t parallax is applied to background class, remove unused attributes #595
@hakimel hakimel remove extravagant comment 1cfb4fc
@hakimel hakimel serve remotes js from s3 #611 0593119
@rexxars rexxars Focus body when page visibility changes to ensure keyboard shortcuts …
…are usable
@Walther Walther add theme 'blood.' 80a4dfc
@webpro webpro Property 'length' is not a variable. 275efa0
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'master' of into dev 9a7fbd6
@hakimel hakimel remove unused head.js in barebones example #616 ac1dbd9
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'focus-body-on-visibility-change' of… a143861
hakimel and others added some commits
@hakimel hakimel don't autoplay videos in notes window #624 8cb3c27
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'classes_in_markdown' of
… into dev
@hakimel hakimel format tweaks markdown.js, remove extra image asset d844195
@hakimel hakimel documentation for #677 080ae79
@hakimel hakimel don't transition between identical backgrounds 89cc3f3
@hakimel hakimel fix edge case in background transitions (closes #604) fcf91ec
@XiaomiPatchrom XiaomiPatchrom Added slide numbers options and the css files updated as well.
the *.min.js didn't chaged yet.
@XiaomiPatchrom XiaomiPatchrom move the slide-number out of the controls to a proper position and li…
…ttle fix to the updating event.
@XiaomiPatchrom XiaomiPatchrom synthetic fix 06078f9
@XiaomiPatchrom XiaomiPatchrom change SlidesNumber position and start page counter at 0 instead 1 f1dd807
@hakimel hakimel generate background hash under additional conditions 778969c
@hakimel hakimel add convex background transition d4e6fa1
@hakimel hakimel add concave and zoom background transitions 7da98d8
@VonC VonC Add attributes in markdown for slide generation.
By default, look for <!-- slide-attributes: xxxx -->.
Whatever 'xxx' is will be added to the section attributes.

You can define your own pattern with 'data-attributes'.
For instance 'data-attributes="^\s*?-- (.*?)$"':
that will be added to the options.

The 'attributes' section is removed from the content of the slide,
so the final markdown doesn't reflect them.
That also means you can add those attributes *anywhere* in the slide

But that allows for *any* attribute to be added for a specifc slide,

- id="plan", for allowing internal link (issue #430)
- data-background="#ff0000"
- data-transition="fade"

You list those attributes on a single line, like

- (default):
` <!-- id="plan" data-background="#ff0000" -->`
- or, with an alternative data-attributes pattern:
` -- id="plan" data-background="#ff0000"`

Again, that line is remove from the final content.
@VonC VonC Fix bug on data attributes for first vertical slide.
The first slide of a vertical stack see some data attributes ignored.

Mainly the data-transition one.

Repeat all data-attributes on the wrapping section element.

Ignore any other attributes (like 'id="xxx"'), in order to not
mess with internal links (by repeating twice an id).
@VonC VonC Make sure a pattern doesn't include space. e1b11e7
@VonC VonC Fix markdown vertical wrapping section element generation. ec72e8c
@VonC VonC Rebased on dev, and following contribution guideline. d6b8e4a
@VonC VonC Fix markdown.js slideAttributesSeparator selection. 83ee2eb
@VonC VonC Add QUnit.js unit tests for attributes in Markdown slides. 4def7f1
@VonC VonC Restore proper pattern for attributes in elements.
It is important that test/test-element-attributes-markdown.html do test
the ability for the user to define its own pattern.
@VonC VonC Restore default notation for attributes in element.
It should be `{. xxxx=yyy }`, not `{_ xxxx=yyy }`.
Only test/test-element-attributes-markdown.html were using `{_`,
simply in order to test the ability, for the user, to define a _different_ pattern.
@VonC VonC Fix default separator pattern for attribute in slide. 492a094
@VonC VonC Remove console.log debugs, and fix tabs 2cdd1af
@VonC VonC Add unit test for default slide attributes separator pattern. 1774de2
@VonC VonC Add mardown-based slide attribute examples. efbb31c
@VonC VonC Add slide attributes for single slide section case. 4b0fe47
@hakimel hakimel readme adjustment 6afec76
@hakimel hakimel add code slide to markdown example #682 e7e941b
@hakimel hakimel ensure that all fragments on past slides are visible #684 a119c83
@hakimel hakimel data-autoslide on vertical parent now applies to all child slides #685 150cb81
@hakimel hakimel comments 3653ad5
@hakimel hakimel remove old inaccurate comment 5eff890
@fghaas fghaas CSS: Don't override font-weight for section
.slides>section and .slides>section>section set the font-weight to
"normal". This overrides any font-weight setting a theme may set at
the body or .reveal level, and requires a theme author to also
specifically set the font-weight for .slides>section and
.slides>section>section. That's tedious and also counterintuitive.

Adopt a saner default by setting the font-weight to inherit.
@hakimel hakimel Merge pull request #691 from fghaas/section-fontweight
CSS: Don't override font-weight for section
@hakimel hakimel define normal font widths in all themes to make sure things look the …
…same after #691
@hakimel hakimel rebuild css with change from #691 23bcd1e
@hakimel hakimel change transition easing for zooms f31644c
@hakimel hakimel make background transition default to exact same speed as normal tran…
@hakimel hakimel merge slide numbers, adjust code format bdb4606
@hakimel hakimel slide number changes; config value renamed, added to readme, moved to…
… right side of screen
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'feature/more-languages' of…
…l.js into dev
@hakimel hakimel initial fragment rewrite b4e2c97
@hakimel hakimel use new fragment nav method from slide() 8550186
@hakimel hakimel fragment comments, remove debug code 9d0ac52
@theone1984 theone1984 Issue #698: Non-async scripts were not executed before Reveal started 0ffbe8d
@theone1984 theone1984 Issue #698: Non-async script callbacks are now also called before sta…
…rting Reveal
@theone1984 theone1984 Issue #698: Fixed tests 08808ab
@hakimel hakimel fragments are now zero-indexed 60a74eb
@hakimel hakimel rewrite fragment index attributes to leave no gaps between fragments 2faae3d
@hakimel hakimel respect original dom order of fragments with no explicit index c33aa66
@hakimel hakimel rename markdown tests to use same naming format as other tests ead723b
@hakimel hakimel remove current-fragment when leaving slide, add tests for current fra…
@hakimel hakimel rewrite fragment sorting to account for multiple fragments with the s…
…ame index
@hakimel hakimel rewrite all fragment indices on startup 0fb343f
@hakimel hakimel additional fragment tests 0fcff33
@hakimel hakimel update future classes when syncing d41a5ca
@hakimel hakimel Merge pull request #721 from hakimel/refactor/fragments
Refactor fragments
@hakimel hakimel readme format correction adbf36a
@gturri gturri Added some styles using the current-fragment class
according to README, I don't include reveal.min.js.
Hence I believe it makes sense to not include reveal.min.css either.
Hence, examples added in index.html can give the feeling that they don't work yet.
@hakimel hakimel add zoomKey option for #700 e947f0f
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'current-style' of i…
…nto dev
@hakimel hakimel use fragment name in example 544020b
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'dev' of into dev 75845a9
@hakimel hakimel code format tweaks 3be84bc
@hakimel hakimel remove debug code cb9e507
@hakimel hakimel when there is data-autoplay:ing media, prolong autoSlide to match its…
… duration #723
@luishgo luishgo Fix for issue #715 6ca071c
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'patch-1' of into dev c7595b2
@hakimel hakimel remove dev flag from version 2be89c3
@hakimel hakimel include slide number color in theme template 69bf9b5
@hakimel hakimel improvement to query string parsing b314cf7
@hakimel hakimel add example for parallax backgrounds 0eba619
@hakimel hakimel only run vertical slide setup during startup #726 f7b612b
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'dev' of 599bef5
@hakimel hakimel tests for initial section classes f1a416d
@hakimel hakimel documentation for slide numbers 3d2549d
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'dev' of 31438c8
@VonC VonC First refactoring dd9fa3e
@VonC VonC Remove section attribute implementation. 3330c2a
@VonC VonC Fix element attributes, except for multi-line. 8ad633e
@VonC VonC Fix previous element selection. d52eb59
@VonC VonC Removes console.log calls. 13da34c
@VonC VonC Simpler default syntax for markdown attributes.
- on slides: .slide x=y
- on elements: .element x=y

Those are detected in html comment, in order to not be visible
if a markdown is edited in an html editor.
@VonC VonC test-markdown-attributes.*, new default separator
- Reformat.
- Change default separator test 'slide: x=y'
@VonC VonC test-markdown-element-attributes: formats and test.
- Reformat
- Use new default separator format: '.element: x=y'
- Add new tests for testing that default format
@VonC VonC mentions the new default separators.
- new default separator for slide attributes
- new default separator for element attributes
Illustrate both, in html comments.
@hakimel hakimel Merge branch 'attributes' of into dev 65bd155
@hakimel hakimel readme correction for #734 bc62963
@hakimel hakimel add example of markdown slide and element attributes 9a9ce67
@hakimel hakimel rename markdown attribute test files to same format 552525c
@hakimel hakimel 2.6.1 #734 e6069ca
@hakimel hakimel add instructions to features that require a local web server (closes #… 4068c52
@mralexjuarez mralexjuarez The index.html page had the simple theme listed twice. The duplicate …
…was removed.

For the Moon and Solarized themes they had .css appended to them which was causing them to not come up.
@secondsun secondsun Devnexus talk 1f9d72d
@secondsun secondsun Updates 1fad343
@secondsun secondsun Updates e1f6ea1
@secondsun secondsun Updates 612460e

I'm pretty sure you didn't want to send this PR here.

@kborchers kborchers closed this
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