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Digital Dinah Craik

Digital Dinah Craik is a digital humanities project based at the University of Calgary. Our research team is working to transcribe, encode, and annotate more than 1000 manuscript letters according to the standards of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Together, these encoded letters will form the first digital edition of the correspondence of the bestselling Victorian novelist, Dinah Mulock Craik.

This GitHub account is a repository for major Digital Dinah Craik project files. Here, you will find an updated version of our Craik Site Index (our project's TEI prosopography, placeography, orgography, and bibliography) as well as our current Digital Dinah Craik codebook. All TEI letters can be found at Digital Dinah Craik on TAPAS. These project files are currently works-in-progress. We welcome feedback as we refine our work.


This content is licenced under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike 4.0 international license.


Digital Dinah Craik is on Wordpress, Twitter, and Facebook.