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Dolphy for Firefox

Most of the time, Github's Emoji is not really enough to express the happiness, anger, or confusion that we feel when we read a code or some random information in a repository. So, we use Reaction GIFs to artistically express what we feel. But searching for the right GIF and copy and pasting it's url is really inconvenient.

That's why Dolphy is created.

Dolphy is a Firefox browser addon that enables Github users to instantly add Reaction GIF when entering a comment/issue using an autocomplete feature. Whenever you are typing a comment or an issue, you can trigger the Reaction GIF autocomplete by typing !.



Download the plugin here.


  1. Trigger autocomplete by typing !.
  2. Use the mouse or arrow keys to select a GIF from the shown sidebar.
  3. Click the GIF or press enter to insert it to the Github's text area.
  4. Enjoy!

I want more Reaction GIF!

Dolphy is pulling GIFs from I will be adding more GIF on that soon, and you don't need to update the addon to have those additional GIFs.

Please submit a pull-request if you want to add a GIF on and use the following format:



  1. Test using ./run
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