Python rewrite of the original xmahjongg-game from 1989
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python rewrite of the original xmahjongg-game from 1989:

The python implementation does not need the X11 files anymore, however the name is still 'pyxmahjongg'.


Installation can be done by pip:

pip install pyxmahjongg

It's recommended to use a virtual environment.

Or you can download the sources:

Run the program

After installation with pip the program can get started from the command line, i.e. using a different layout and background than the default one:

pyxmahjongg -l deepwell -b sand

From the sources start the program manually:

python -h

Use the optional -h flag for help to change colors and layouts.


Requires 'pillow' for image-handling.

'pyxmahjongg' is developed with Python 3.6 and and pillow 4.0.0 and not tested with earlier versions.


This implementation uses the same layout-files as the original one but just the dorothys tileset. Thanks to Tabitha for finding background colors and naming.

Excerpt from the original documentation: The default tileset was originally created in color by Dorothy Robinson <> with Mark A. Holm <>. The publically available version was in black-and-white. Holm copyrighted the tiles in 1988, giving permission to copy and distribute for non-profit purposes. The significantly altered color version that comes with xmahjongg was created by Eddie Kohler in later years.


Because of the original license it is permitted to use the tileset for non-profit purposes. As a consequence any commercial uses of this program and the used tileset is prohibited. Furthermore the usage of this program is entirely at your own risk.