Android app (w/ smartwatch) for managing stress and anxiety in social situations
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Calmly - PennApps XIII Hackathon

##Inspiration Further bridging the gap between tech and social life ;).

##What it does Calmly is an Android phone and smartwatch app that detects a user's current heart rate using the smartwatch, then compares it to a pre-calibrated excited heart rate. Based on that comparison, Calmly sends a friendly reminder notification to keep it chill to the smartwatch if the app determines that the user is under stress. The app is intended to be turned on in social situations that might provoke anxiety like parties or presentations so that over time, the user can be made more aware of his/her anxiety and keep it in check. Additionally, this heart rate data is continuously stored in a database, and "trends" over time can be viewed from the app for the user to view progress at managing stress/anxiety.

##Video Demo